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References are statements that a professional associate uses to describe a person’s work ethic. Reference checks are typically conducted by telephone, or in writing through a letter or email.

The most common references are your current and/or former job or internship supervisors, academic advisors/ professors, coaches or anyone you have worked with in a professional or academic manner.

References Rules of Etiquette

  • Assemble people to use for references in the future. Make it a point to stay in touch with them on your accomplishments.
  • Call your former references and ask them if they are willing to be a good job reference for you and thank them for his/her time.
  • Give your references ample notice to prepare a written recommendation.
  • Be sure to apprise them of your goals, accomplishments and provide them with your resume.
  • Keep your former positive references informed of your professional work experiences and your educational progress. He/she will be more inclined to see you in a stronger light as you progress.