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Off-Campus Access

Our databases and electronic resources automatically authenticate access for on-campus users, however, off-campus users must login to obtain e-resources.

When accessing a database from home, users will get a popup window asking them for their Iona Computer ID and Password – the same ID and password used to login to on-campus wireless, lab computers and Blackboard.


If you cannot login to a database ask yourself a few questions

  1. Is the issue with the resource, or with your Iona Computer ID and Password?
    • The easiest way to test this question is to try logging into your MyIona SSO account, as it uses the same authentication system. 
    • If you CANNOT login to your MyIona SSO account go to Password Station to reset your computer password. If you have any issues resetting your password, contact the Help Desk.
    • If you CAN login to MyIona, the issue is with the resource.  Continue to the next troubleshooting question.
  2. Is the problem related to the web browser you are using?
    • Sometimes, when interfaces are updated, they have compatibility issues with certain web browsers.  Try opening the resource from a different browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) to see if this is the issue.
    • You can always check with the Help Desk to see they have knowledge of any such issues.
  3. Is your Java up to date?
    • Many databases require the most up-to-date Java in order to run.
    • Check whether you are receiving any error messages that mention Java.
  4. Do you get an error message mentioning your Institution’s EZProxy Administrator?
    • If you do, please send an email to Jill Gross. Please include the name of the resource and the link you were using to try and access it.
    • If you are on campus, copy the link you are trying to use into a new browser window and delete all text before the first '=' sign  (e.g. ). The edited link should get you to the resource you want to access.
  5. Are you being asked for payment or for a login other than your Iona Computer login?
    • From off-campus, Iona's subscription databases can only be accessed via the links on the Iona Library A-Z List or from the library catalog. If one of these links produces a payment request, please contact the Research Desk to see if the resource can be obtained some other way.
  6. Are you trying to access the resource from a location with a strong firewall system?
    • Often, large companies and other organizations have firewalls on their networks that prevent access to electronic resources without special configurations. If this is the case, you will see a message stating that access to the desired server or URL is not allowed.
    • You will have to contact your network administrator for access permission or wait to until you can access the item from somewhere else.