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Maintaining Matriculation, Thesis Continuation & Clinical Supervision

If a student is unable to register for courses in an upcoming term, or is working on a thesis or clinical supervision sequence, active student status may be maintained by enrolling in a non-credit maintaining matriculation, thesis continuation or clinical supervision course. Enrollment in these courses will allow students to:

  • retain their PeopleSoft and Iona Gaels email accounts during the period of inactivity and receive all College communications
  • receive an enrollment appointment for the upcoming term
  • maintain degree currency and thereby keep the same degree requirements upon their return to the College
There are no class meetings associated with these courses. Clinical and thesis registrants will set their own schedules with instructors and advisors as needed.

IMPORTANT: Maintaining matriculation, thesis continuation and clinical supervision are placeholder courses only. They DO NOT provide term credit loads and cannot be used for in-school deferments for financial aid or loan repayment obligations. Please check with Iona College Student Financial Services and other lenders (if applicable) to confirm the ramifications of not maintaining continuous credit-bearing attendance.

See the instructions below that are relevant to your academic level and course needs:

Undergraduate Maintaining Matriculation

There is a nominal fee per term associated with the maintenance course. Please visit the College’s Tuition and Fee Schedule (scroll down to Other Charges/Fees). Undergraduates may contact the Center for Advising & Academic Services to set up Maintaining Matriculation. The Center is located at the back of the Ryan Library near the entrance to Amend Hall (up a short flight of stairs). Students may contact the Center at (914) 633-2130 or

Graduate Maintaining Matriculation, Thesis Continuation and Clinical Supervision

Fees for these special registrations are listed on the Tuition and Fee Schedule (scroll down to Other Charges/Fees).
  • Maintaining Matriculation
  • Thesis Continuation: (Graduate Arts & Science)
  • Clinical Supervision: (Graduate Arts & Science)
Graduate students may contact the following offices to set up maintaining matriculation, thesis continuation or clinical supervision: