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Technology Instructions for Room 202

Quick Tips

  • Sound: The audio receiver should already be turned on in the podium. Use the Volume Knob on the receiver to change volume.
  • Computer: The power button is located on the lower right-hand side of the monitor. 

Projector and Wall Control Buttons

  • Lower the screen by using switch on wall near the laptop.
  • Turn the projector on using the remote, not the button on the wall. The projector will show the computer screen by default, with COMP2 as the computer output channel.
  • Video The wall button projects the DVD/VCR. Press the COMP button to switch back to projecting the computer.
  • Sound: The audio receiver below DVD/VHS player in the podium should already be powered on. Use the Volume Knob on the receiver to change volume. Press VIDEO 1 for computer audio and VIDEO 2 for DVD/VHS audio. It will take 5 seconds for change to take effect. 

Using the Podium Computer 

  • To turn on the computer
    • Press the power button located on the lower right-hand side of the monitor. 
  • Logging in
    • To log into Windows, press CTRL + Alt + Delete keys at the same time.
  • USB Ports (Flash drives)
    • There are no available USB ports. 

Using Your Own Laptop

  • Make sure the computer is turned off. Plug VGA cord (not supplied) into laptop and connect to port on the podium. Turn on Projector using wall button. Set your laptop to output to the projector (varies by laptop). The sound from your laptop will not go through the speakers.

Play a DVD or VHS Tape in the Combo Unit

  • Turn the projector on. Put the DVD or VHS Tape into the combinations DVD/VCR player. Then press Video button on the wall. Change the input on audio receiver (below VCR/DVD player) to VIDEO 2.

Technology Instructions for Faronics Insight

Quick Tip: Faronics Insight can be used to control student computers. 

  • Students don't see Teacher Screen: Right-click on Insight icon in taskbar. Choose Show Teacher Screen from quick menu. Still doesn't work? Restart computer.
  • Student signs in after you being Showing Teacher: Stop sharing Teacher Screen by clicking Show Teacher icon. Click icon again.

Show Teacher Screen

Faronics Show Teacher

Click the Show Teacher Screen icon. Students will now see exactly what is on your screen, and cannot control their computers. Repeat to stop showing your screen and give control back to students.

Blank Student Screens

Faronics Blank Screen

Click Blank Screens icon. Students will receive a message to look up front and cannot use their computers. Release computers by pressing Blank Screen again.

Limit Web Access

Faronics Limit Web

Click Limit Web icon. Students can use computers, but cannot use Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

Poll Students

Faronics Vote

Click the Vote icon and enter a question. If multiple choice, type possible answers in the question box. Students answer on their computers, and you will see responses in real time.

Monitor Students' Computer Activity

Faronics View All

Click View All icon to see exactly what is on each student's screen. You can also perform actions like sending messages or blanking screen to all students. Or choose one or more student screens to perform actions on only some computers.