My Iona

Technology Instructions for the Seminar Room

Quick Tips

Ben Q Monitor

  • Press power button with the red light to turn on the device.
  • HDMI1 input will show the computer.
  • There are three USB ports on the bottom left section.
  • There are six buttons on the bottom left:
  1. Power buttons -- turns device on/off
  2. Home button -- Takes you to system's home menu
  3. Undo button -- Reverses previous action done in the drawing application
  4. Settings button -- Takes you to the system's display settings where you can adjust the brightness and change inputs
  5. Decrease Volume -- Lowers volume
  6. Increase Volume -- Raises volume

Using the Computer 

  • To turn on PC
    • Open the left door under the keyboard to find the machine. Press the power button.
  • Disk Drive
    • File Explorer -> DVD RW Drive
  • USB Ports (Flash drives)
    • They are located on the front of the PC.
    • Four USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port are located. 

Play a VHS Tape or DVD

  • DVDs can be played using the computer. A combo DVD/VHS player is available at the Help Desk. Find white, red, and yellow cables under desk and plug into Output on back of combo unit. Put the DVD or VHS tape into the player. Then press Mode on the TV (control on right side above power light indicator) or remote control. You may have to press the VHS/DVD button on the combo unit.