My Iona

Technology Instructions for the Seminar Room

Quick Tips

  • Eject DVD/CD: Keyboard button next to F12 (hold down for 1 second)
  • Sound: Volume only comes out of computer. You must unmute sound (bottom right corner of screen in Windows.)
  • Computer: If it will not turn on, make sure white power cord is plugged into left side.


  • Press power button next to red light on TV. TV will automatically display computer screen. Remote is available from Help Desk.

Using the Computer (iMac)

  • To turn on an iMac
    • Press the power button located behind the monitor on lower left corner.
  • Choose Operating System
    • Use the arrows keys ( LEFT or RIGHT ) to choose an operating system (Windows or Mac), and press return key. To log into Windows, press Control + Option + Delete keys at the same time. Restart computer to choose other operating system.
  • Insert and Eject a CD or DVD on the Computer
    • The thin slot for CDs and DVDs is located on the right side of the monitor. The top of the CD/DVD should face you as you push it into the monitor. Eject a CD/DVD by pressing the eject key next to F12 (hold the key down for 1 second).
  • Shutdown or Restart from Mac OS
    • Click on the Apple icon on the upper left corner of monitor, choose shutdown or restart.
  • Sound
    • Audio is from computer only (not tv). You must unmute sound using audio icon at bottom right corner of screen in Windows, or top right in Mac OS.
  • Play a DVD on the Computer
    • In Windows or Mac OS, wait until computer is started up. Push the DVD into the computer. It will begin playing automatically. If it does not play, click the orange play icon at bottom left of screen. Highlight the DVD and click Play.
  • USB Ports (Flash drives)
    • USB ports are located on back of the computer monitor on the bottom left.

Play a VHS Tape or DVD

  • DVDs can be played using the computer. A combo DVD/VHS player is available at the Help Desk. Find white, red, and yellow cables under desk and plug into Output on back of combo unit. Put the DVD or VHS tape into the player. Then press Mode on the TV (control on right side above power light indicator) or remote control. You may have to press the VHS/DVD button on the combo unit.