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Course Placements and Recommendations

Placement applies to all courses where your level of experience plays a part in the course enrollment.

You may not enroll in courses for which you are otherwise not eligible based upon placement criteria established by the Course Department.

This is required for all students.

Your Columba Cornerstone course will be linked with another core curriculum course or introductory course and will create a learning community for you and give you a new perspective on your topic.

You must take English composition in the first year, ideally in your first semester, unless you have earned credit for an equivalent course. English placement is tied to how well you are prepared for College-level writing and research.

English Placements


Math placement is tied to your planned major. Use our Math Placements guide to determine which course you need to register for.

If you have struggled with math, you may need a transitional course on the way to the math course required for the Core or for a future major.

Math Placements

All students are required to take one course in a foreign language, and to take a course tied to their aptitude and previous language experience.

Foreign Language Placements

For those pursuing majors in the Sciences, Computer Science, or Math:

Science placement is tied to planned majors, a background in lab-based sciences, and experience in computer science. You should understand that these majors are supported by strong math skills, where calculus is required.

Science, Computer Science & Math Placements