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Our Brand

The Iona Brand

As guardians of the Iona brand, we have a strong influence on how individuals perceive our College. Each time a student, parent, alum or community member interacts with Iona, we have an opportunity to engage in a positive, meaningful way.

Whether talking about education, campus life or athletics, we are responsible for telling the Iona story in a manner consistent with the College’s mission, vision and values. Our brand is what allows us to accomplish this task.

Brand Promise

Where are you going? The known path? Or your own path? The same old way? Or the Iona way? Iona College is where your story starts. Unwritten. Uncharted. Unbound by textbook expectations. Where the limits to your success are only limited by your imagination. Where you’ll be given the means to dream and find meaning in your dreams. To follow your heart and your head. To serve while you learn and learn while you serve. To go out into the world and find your worth. To own your path. Because sometimes you have to go out of your way, to find your way. So, where are you going? Iona College. Learn outside the lines.

Brand Position

Learn Outside The Lines

A brand position is more than a tagline. It can be that too, but a brand position at its essence is the starting point for all marketing messages.

A concise and memorable summation of Iona College’s purpose and brand promise.

As such, our “Learn Outside the Lines” brand position can be used in a number of ways. In marketing materials as a headline, on campus banners, as an email sign off, and—yes—also as a tagline with the Iona College name or logo. Or, it can be used internally as a brand message touch base.

A simple reminder of the story Iona College wants to tell.

College Motto

Certa Bonum Certamen/Fight the Good Fight

The Latin phrase “Certa Bonum Certamen” meaning “Fight the Good Fight” has been a lasting attribute of Iona’s story and will continue to be.

As it is inextricably linked to Iona’s identity, it remains in Latin as part of the updated College seal and the phrase can be used in either language on its own as well.

Certa Bonum Certamen/Fight the Good Fight” represents the school’s mission to embody “opportunity, justice, and the liberating power of education.” It is also emblematic of Iona College’s purpose to “foster intellectual inquiry, community engagement, and an appreciation for diversity.” The school motto should be used when addressing the mission, purpose, history, makeup and personality of the school as a whole.

Whereas “Learn Outside the Lines” represents Iona’s current brand position and vision “to provide national leadership in service learning, experiential and entrepreneurial education, innovative pedagogy, and community and civic engagement.” As such, the brand position should be used as inspiration for marketing materials promoting Iona College and its active pursuit of this vision.

College Motto: mission, purpose, personality.
Brand Position: vision, goals, promotion.

Brand Personality

Like a person, every good brand has a distinct personality. Character traits. A way of thinking and speaking. A visual style. Having a distinctive personality and consistent point of view makes Iona College more relatable, more trustworthy and more memorable.






Brand Style & Communication

Adhering to the following communication guidelines will allow Iona College to speak in a singular, recognizable way with a coherent, unified message. All writing and communication from Iona College should keep these five guidelines for engaging writing in mind

Communication should be student-centric, but with parents, peers and community members in mind. Remember: our readers may vary in age, background, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and more, so language should feel universal and easily understood.

Avoid lengthy jargon, and strive to keep copy as simple, clear and conversational as possible. Have a point or an idea and get there with as little fuss as possible.

The Iona brand is about unity and purpose, so writing should have an optimistic tone, avoiding words like “don’t” or “can’t.” Be conscious of copy that’s inclusive and appeals to the diverse fabric of our audiences.

Write in a way that suits the situation. Make sure copy makes sense for the audience, topic and context in which it will be viewed.

Passive voice emphasizes the verb in a phrase rather than the subject.
Active voice helps copy flow more naturally and feel more energetic.

More details on writing for Iona College can be found in our editorial standards.

Brand Tone & Voice

A brand’s personality comes to life through tone and voice. It is the distinct way Iona College communicates. It’s how a brand talks and what it says. The Iona College brand personality is spirited, imaginative, adventurous, confident and empowering. The tone and voice should reflect that whenever and wherever it speaks. It will rarely be funny, but it will always be optimistic. It will be knowledgeable, but also relatable.

Finally, think of the people to whom you’re speaking. Since Iona is both a place of higher learning and part of the broader community, its tone and voice should always be inclusive, encouraging and personable. It can also be informative and scholarly when necessary, but in a conversational way. It should avoid slang, but still try to use modern, relatable grammar and language.

Iona’s Tone & Voice is:







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