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Consistent usage of the logo is essential to creating a distinct brand presence. Inspiration for the logo is derived from the College’s mission to inspire innovative, service-based learning in and out of the classroom, as well as from the visual heritage of the College, its namesake and the broader Catholic and Celtic aesthetic. To communicate that sentiment, we have combined modern elements with a hint of tradition, allowing us to evolve while staying true to our heritage. Visual inspirations include:

  • Iona College Seal and Culture
  • Traditional Iona Cross
  • The Plaid Pattern Worn by the Iona College Pipe Band
  • Ancient Celtic Knots, Including Solomon’s Knot
  • The Story of St. Columba
  • Iona Abbey on the Isle of Iona

The Celtic knot cross icon serves as a building block—both graphically and in a grander sense in that it represents our institution’s sense of unity, purpose and service. The color palette of the logo is also used to illustrate our commitment to being a forward-thinking college defined by our unique approach to education.

The line work in the brand logo and patterns is also a visual nod to our “Learn Outside the Lines” brand position. The intermingling lines in the logo represent core values of our College: Spiritual Grounding, Equity, Inclusion and Community. But Iona is also a place where you are challenged to “Learn Outside the Lines.” To learn in a new way. Outside of the classroom, outside of expectations, and outside of your comfort zone.

Our primary College mark consists of the Celtic knot icon paired in a horizontal lockup with a stacked variation of the College wordmark. When possible, use the full color version of this logo. When the full color version is not applicable (i.e. screen printing or layered vinyl graphics), the one color maroon version is recommended.

These examples showcase the proper color usage when placing our primary College mark in one color on both light and dark backgrounds.

The Iona College logo in full color, in maroon, and in black.
The full color and single color logos on a maroon background.

The alternative secondary Iona College logo set consists of a horizontal version with all elements, and the elements themselves separated out by Celtic knot icon and wordmark. These marks can be used in the same color sets as the primary College mark: full color and individual one color maroon and black.

Do not crop the wordmark from the primary College mark. When standing on its own, the wordmark should consist of IONA COLLEGE from the alternative horizontal College mark.

Examples of different versions of the Iona College logo.
Alternative Iona logos on a maroon background.

When using the College marks, be sure to provide clear space to ensure uninterrupted readability. With the primary College mark, the recommended amount of clear space should be equal to half the height of the letter A in IONA, and with the alternative horizontal College mark, the clear space should be equal to half the height of the letter E in COLLEGE.

Two exaples of the Iona College logo with margins of blank space around them.

To ensure legibility of all elements, the Celtic knot icon should never be reproduced at sizes smaller than a quarter of an inch (.25) wide. The primary College mark should never be reproduced at sizes smaller than three-quarters of an inch (.75) wide. The alternative horizontal College mark should never be reproduced at sizes smaller than one and a half inches (1.5) wide. When a size smaller is necessary for the primary and alternative College marks, use the wordmark at a size down to one and a quarter inches (1.25) wide instead.

Samples of the Iona College logos in different sizes.

The Iona College logo may be placed on full-bleed imagery. Position the logo over solid contrasting areas within the image. Use photography that does not compete with the legibility of the logo. Do not place any logo over an image, texture, or pattern that diminishes the prominence or legibility of the logo.

Proper use of the Iona College logo will ensure a strong, successful brand. Please refrain from using old and non-approved logos.

Do not apply a stroke to the logo. • Do not add a drop shadow to the logo. • Do not rotate the logo. • Do not stretch the logo. • Utilize only the approved wordmark when used on its own. • Do not use previous logos. • Do not adjust the colors of the logo. • Do not alter the proportions of the logo. • Do not use unapproved lockups. • Do not place within a curved or irregular shape. *Some special cases may be exempt from this rule. For additional guidelines, please contact College Marketing & Communications.

The Iona College logo is the most vital and visible component of our brand. It is imperative the main logo, and every one of the logos in the Iona College family, be used with consistency and care.

The Iona College logos included in the family fall into one of several categories, all of which are detailed within this guide.

Each of the logo sets within the family have their own standards and rules for use. Please follow these rules whenever using logos in marketing and promotional materials.

Together, this family of logos creates a singular brand, allowing Iona College and its many schools and organizations to function as one.

If you have any questions about the family of logos or proper logo usage, please contact College Marketing & Communications.

To maintain consistency across our entire College, our individual school logos will follow a similar structure to the alternative horizontal College mark with the exception of the modifier which will reflect the school itself. These modifiers will match the maroon color of the alternative horizontal College mark, but use the secondary headline typeface, Adrianna Demibold. These marks can be used in the same color sets as the College mark: full color, individual single primary colors and black.

These logos should not be used in conjunction with the primary or alternative College marks as they are similar in design and would create redundancy between the two with duplication of icon and IONA COLLEGE.

Examples of the Iona College logo headers using the School of Arts and Science, the LaPenta School of Business and the Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

As with our school marks, the department marks will reflect the horizontal primary College mark, with an updated modifier. The modifier can run the full length of the IONA COLLEGE type and should become two lines of type when the modifier is longer. These marks are not to be used with the primary College mark, as doing so would yield a duplication of the Celtic knot icon and IONA COLLEGE.

The Iona College logo and text with several departments listed.

Similar to our department and school marks, College events can use the equity of the design elements of the primary and alternative College marks. In these unique cases, the name of the College event will take the place of the IONA COLLEGE name of the primary College mark, while the IONA COLLEGE name will become a modifier above it. The primary College mark can be modified only in these rare instances.

Headers using the Iona College logo featuring several campus events.

The symbol of Iona College’s athletic teams is the Gael. The Gaels were an ancient and accomplished culture originating in Ireland. Known for their tight-knit clans, unique athletic games and adventurous spirit, their influence is still seen today throughout Ireland, Scotland and beyond. Like the founding traditions of Iona College, the Gael personifies the strength and selfless devotion of the school motto, “fight the good fight” (certa bonum certamen). Like the school motto, the Iona Gaels Shield Logo personifies the strength and unity of our athletics teams. The following examples show proper use and application of the Gaels Athletics Mark.

Iona College participates in a licensing program that oversees use of our trademarks on a variety of items and works to promote, enhance, and elevate the image of Iona by authorizing the use of our name and logos on high quality and tasteful merchandise.

If you have questions about how and when you can use the Gaels Athletics Mark, please contact Iona College Athletics Communications.

Examples of using the Iona Gael Athletics logo.

The Iona College seal is used for multiple applications, but its main purpose is to represent more official and formal communications. Using the seal is the fastest way to communicate the prestige of our College. However, the seal should only be used when appropriate

The following examples show proper and improper use and application of the Iona College seal. If you have questions about how and when to use the seal, please contact College Marketing & Communications.

Iona College seal.
Several examples of the Iona College contemporary seal, including both acceptable and unacceptable usages.

In addition to the brand marketing elements throughout this guide, Iona College has legacy emblems with tremendous equity and lasting bonds to the school’s heritage. While an enduring part of the Iona story, these emblems should be used judiciously to avoid confusion with other marketing efforts.

Presidential Seal

An abiding symbol of Iona College’s heritage and identity, the Presidential Seal is a venerated emblem embodying the school’s foundational elements. It represents Iona’s establishment, motto, community, values, and origins from St. Columba to the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

To maintain its prestige, the Presidential Seal is reserved for formal institutional communications and should only be used with the approval of the president.

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