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Iona College is a caring academic community, inspired by the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, which embodies opportunity, justice, and the liberating power of education. Iona College’s purpose is to foster intellectual inquiry, community engagement, and an appreciation for diversity. In the tradition of American Catholic Higher Education, Iona College commits its energies and resources to the development of graduates recognized for their ethics, creativity and problem-solving abilities; their independent and adaptable thinking; their joy in lifelong learning; and their enduring integration of mind, body and spirit.

A statue of the Mother Mary holding Jesus is surrounded by trees.


Iona College will be both a destination and a launching pad for students and faculty pursuing the qualities of character, thought, and spirit that are core elements of a liberal arts education and prerequisites for occupying a productive and meaningful place in the world. The College will build upon its institutional legacy of teaching and ministry to enact diversity, equity and inclusion as it provides national leadership in service learning, experiential and entrepreneurial education, innovative pedagogy, and community and civic engagement.

Students gather around a laptop in the Ryan Library.


Iona College will provide the resources and support in academic and social contexts to nurture students as they pursue the goals enshrined in the mission statement. To deliver what students need to succeed in life as well as learning, the College will leverage its person-to-person, relationship-based learning environment to empower students to take control of their own education and the life their education will enrich. In addition, the following College values will guide and focus learning while fostering future wellbeing:

  • Personal Learning
  • Public Good
  • Scholarly Commitment
  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Community
Students stand and talk together in front of the ginkgo tree.

This student-centric focus combined with the historically transformative values and components of an Iona education will prepare students to learn as they intend to live. With purpose.

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