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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Classroom Assistant Technology

All classroom assistants are responsible for turning on the computer and projector and starting up the Zoom meeting as scheduled by the faculty member. 

Set up instructions:


  • Turn on the projector (all LaPenta projectors will be turned on using the Crestron mounted to the wall above the rack).
  • To turn on the Crestron: tap the screen once and then ensure that the source is set to PC.
  • To turn on the projector outside of LaPenta, check to see if your classroom has a flat screen Crestron and then follow the directions above. If your classroom has an On/Off button for the projector mounted to the podium, press On. 

Podium Computer

  • Turn on the podium computer. You may need to open the cabinet to find the On/Off button.
  • Allow the computer to boot up and then sign in with your Iona username and password.


  • Your instructor may provide the link to you in one of two ways:
  • If the instructor posts the link to Blackboard, all the Classroom Assistant needs to do is log into their Blackboard course site and click on the link for the Zoom meeting.
  • If the instructor emails the Zoom link, log into Single Sign On from the podium computer and retrieve the link from Outlook in Office 365.

Powering Off

  • Once the class is complete, power off the projector. In LaPenta, there is an option on the flat screen to Shut Down. If you are in a classroom outside of LaPenta and there is a white On/Off button mounted to the podium, click the Off button and then hit the Off button again to confirm the shut down.
  • Power off the podium computer in the same manner that any Windows 10 computer is shut down.