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Virtual Classroom and Owl Camera

Instructions on Using the OWL camera and classroom technology for mixed mode teaching.

Getting Started

  • Turn on the projector
  • Log into the podium computer
  • Navigate to the Iona College Apps basket and select Zoom
  • Once the Zoom application opens, log in with your Zoom username and password
  • Find the correct meeting at the left side of the Zoom screen and note that is the meeting you are going to start
  • Open any other applications you may need from the Apps basket such as Chrome or Firefox Open your PowerPoint presentation and minimize it to the task bar
  • Start your Zoom meeting

Optimizing Video and Audio

  • Navigate to the Stop Video icon in the Zoom dynamic toolbar and click on the up arrow next to Stop Video and select Video Settings
  • In Video Settings, locate the Rotate button on the top right-hand side of the image and click Rotate twice
  • While in Video Settings, check off Enable HD, uncheck Mirror my video, and check off Touch up my appearance
  • On the left side, navigate to Audio (under Video in settings) and uncheck Automatically adjust volume under the Microphone settings
  • Close the Settings window

Recording Your Session

  • You must have a Zoom Pro account to record your session from the Podium Computer
  • It is at this time after your video and audio settings are optimized that you can select the Record button and choose Record to the Cloud

Sharing Applications

  • You can share any applications such as a web page or a PowerPoint file using the Screen Share feature in Zoom
  • To annotate a PowerPoint or write on the interactive Whiteboard in Zoom, you must have an Epson digital pen


  • Select Screen Share in Zoom
  • Select the Whiteboard
  • Use the Epson digital pen to write on the Zoom Whiteboard as it is projected against the screen
  • You can add multiple pages to the Whiteboard by tapping the Plus sign with the digital pen in the lower right-hand corner of the Whiteboard screen
  • To stop the share, you can click on New Share or Stop Share


  • Select New Share or Screen Share to share your PowerPoint presentation When you share your PowerPoint presentation you’ll notice a button for “Annotate” at the top toolbar in Zoom
  • Click on Annotate and you will be able to draw on your PowerPoint on the white board with the digital pen
  • If you select Mouse on the Annotate toolbar, you will be able to advance the slides on your PowerPoint using the digital pen

Using the Ladibug Document Camera

  • You can use the red Ladibug document camera to project images as if you were using an overhead projector
  • Power on the Ladibug
  • Position your document under the Ladibug camera
  • Go to your Windows Start menu Select Camera from the Windows Start menu
  • The camera will open as an application and you will see the document you placed in view
  • Minimize the camera application to your task bar
  • Share Screen in Zoom and select “Screen”
  • Open your camera application that is running in your task bar
  • Stop share when you are ready to stop sharing your document

Retrieve Your Recording

  • If you opted to Record to the Cloud, your recording will be available for you when you log into Zoom at a later time
  • When you log into Zoom, click on the option for Recordings
  • Click on the link to the name of the file you recorded and click on the button to “Copy Shareable Link” and paste that link into your Blackboard course site


  • The OWL microphone has a radius of 8 feet
  • Ensure you are speaking toward the microphone for the benefit of your remote students
  • Schedule all your classes in advance and post the links to Blackboard so your remote students will have easy access to the link to their classes
  • Remember that you will be teaching to both students in the class and your remote students so be mindful when remote students have to be admitted from the waiting room or raise their hand virtually
  • Mute all your remote students upon entering the course and unmute them as they raise their hands