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Before you being using the SMART Board (SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard), orient the board to ensure your touch is registered accurately. The orientation process aligns the projected image with the working area on the interactive whiteboard.

The links below will help assist you in the orientation process:

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Use the pen tray tools.
  • Write on the interactive whiteboard.
  • Orient the interactive whiteboard.
  • Access and control applications.
  • Work with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

View the video here.

The SMART Notebook Software enables you to use the SMART Board as a whiteboard. To open the software, double click on the SMART Notebook icon on the taskbar or desktop. If you do not see the icon on the taskbar or desktop, go to the Start Menu, choose All Programs, click on the SMART Notebook Folder, and choose SMART Notebook.