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Social Media Policy


All members of the Iona community who are engaged in the use of the University’s social media accounts must abide by the University’s Social Media Policy. All members of the Iona community must adhere to the guidelines for social media activity in relation to their representation of the University. All Iona University social media accounts with the exception of accounts for academic use must register with the Iona University Marketing and Communications Department (MarCom). Iona University social media accounts are required to follow the University’s social media procedures.


Iona University social media accounts include all accounts:

  • affiliated with departments, programs, clubs, organizations, university-sponsored groups, university sponsored events etc.
  • administered by employees to conduct business or communicate for the University
  • posting or displaying the Iona brand and/or logo
  • creating a reasonable impression that the content is authorized or controlled by Iona University

Social media accounts for academic use include accounts administered by a faculty member for course or research related purposes.
Social media platforms include, but may not be limited to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, discussion forums and other like media platforms.
Social Media Administrator: Employee responsible for the content, posting and operation of a University social media account.
Designated Posters: Employee or students who are responsible for publishing content on the University social media account.
MarCom: The abbreviation for the Iona University Marketing and Communications Department.


Iona University recognizes the benefits of social media communications and the importance of establishing a presence on various social media platforms. The use of Iona University social media accounts is for deliberate professional engagement intended to promote the Iona brand in a positive manner, foster a sense of community as well as inform users of University news, events, outages, closures and other emergencies. Individuals who contribute to Iona University’s social media presence must understand that their actions directly reflect the University’s identity. The posting of private or confidential information about the University, its students or employees is strictly prohibited. The use of social media must be conducted in a professional manner that protects the reputation of the University and is subject to Iona policies, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Human Resources policies, including restrictions on disclosure of confidential or proprietary information;
  • Employee, Faculty or Student Handbooks;
  • Code of Conduct, including non-tolerance for cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyber stalking;
  • Iona University Statement on Diversity;
  • Harassment and Discrimination;
  • Information Technology policies such as the Computer Use Policy;
  • Personal Information Protection;
  • Iona University Branding Guide;
  • Photo Opt Out Policy and Media Release Form for Visitors.

The use of social media must also comply with the terms of use of the social media provider and any applicable laws and regulations. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, use of social media in any way constituting libel, false advertising, copyright or trademark infringement, harassment, professional misconduct or a violation of privacy rights, or other lawfully protected rights. Sharing of confidential or proprietary financial, intellectual property, medical or similarly sensitive items, or private content about Iona University, its students or employees is strictly prohibited.. All Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) rules and regulations, policies and codes set forth in applicable handbooks apply to social media activity.
MarCom approves and oversees the use of the Iona University social media accounts to assure suitability of the content for Mission consistency, reputation and brand affiliation.  Iona University social media accounts must indicate “The Official Home of…” designation on its respective platform.  All Iona University social media accounts must consistently comply with the Social Media Policy as a condition of the account’s existence and official affiliation with Iona.
Iona University social media platforms are not for personal use or to be used to state personal opinions.
The social media policy and any rules and regulations regarding the use of social media are subject to revisions. All users are expected to be familiar with any revisions in the regulations.

Social Media Procedures

Members of the University community must contact MarCom for the approval to establish a University presence on social media. Only the Sr. Director for MarCom or Sr. Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs may provide final approval. MarCom will work with the individual/area to determine the:

  • Possibility of using an existing Iona University social media account for communication.
  • Audience for the messaging and to reflect on the future growth of the audience.
  • Appropriate platform to best serve the audience.
  • Name, strategy, graphics, usage and purpose of the account.
  • Staffing plan to assure that the account(s) are maintained at a consistent level. The number of social media platforms must be considered when reflecting on staffing demands.  Inactive or dead accounts create a negative impression of the University.
  • Content plan including a plan for content posted during summer, off seasons, dormant times.

MarCom maintains a list of all Iona University social media accounts. Departments are required to register social media accounts here. Each account must have a named Social Media Administrator and must list ALL Designated Posters. Any changes in the roles of the Social Media Administrator or Designated Posters must be immediately reported to MarCom. All Social Media administrators, Designated Posters and any other individual with access to social media accounts are responsible for maintaining the security of the username and password. Unauthorized sharing of University social media passwords is prohibited.

The email address for the social media account must be an address associated with a department or office and not an individual. For example, the email address must be "" rather than "" Please reach out to the Help Desk if you need to set up an email address for your department or office.

  • A designated Iona email or distribution list must be used when creating University Social Media accounts.
  • The University computer use policy prohibits the use of non-affiliated email addresses for university communications; this includes social media communications.
  • Authorized administrators are responsible for maintaining the security of the username and password in accordance with the Computer Use and Personal Information Protection policy. In accordance with these policies breaches must immediately be reported to the Vice Provost for Information Security/CIO and/or the Director of Human Resources.


  • The Social Media Administrator and designated poster will review and monitor content.
  • MarCom will conduct periodic reviews of content posted on University social media accounts.
  • The Social Media Administrator or MarCom will remove content that does not conform to the University’s Social Media Policy and/or standards.
  • MarCom reserves the right to close Social Media Accounts due to inappropriate content or failure to comply with policy.  
  • The Social Media Administrator or designated posters must consult with MarCom prior to responding to complaints about content.
  • Any use of university names, trademarks, service marks or logos on Iona University accounts must comply with the Iona University Branding Guide.
  • Any use of photos, images, names and audio/video recordings of employees and students must adhere to the University’s Photo Opt Out policy.
  • Any use of photos, images, names and audio/video recordings of individuals who are NOT university employees or students requires a signed Iona University Media release form to be on file with MarCom. Photos of minors should not be posted.

If a member of the media contacts an Iona-affiliated account regarding a post(s) made in online forums relating to Iona University, Diana Costello, senior director of communications, must be alerted at prior to responding. Individuals are not authorized to respond to media inquiries unless expressly authorized to do so by MarCom.   
If a department, organization, or club wishes to close their social media accounts, they must notify MarCom and the account will be removed from the University’s social media directory. The Social Media Administrator will then close the account.


Human Resources policies; Employee, Faculty or Student Handbooks; Code of Conduct; Statement on Diversity; Harassment and Discrimination Policy; Information Technology Policies; Computer Use Policy; Personal Information Protection; Iona University Branding Guide; Photo Opt Out Policy; Media Release Form for Visitors, Media Relations Guide


Lea Carpanzano
Assistant Director of Digital & Social Media

(914) 637-7705