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Emergency Contact Phones

We've got you covered, day or night.

As an added safety measure, Iona College features 14 Emergency “Blue ALERT” Phones which are strategically located throughout campus. These phones are illuminated at night with a glowing BLUE light and will flash when activated.

If you are in an emergency situation or observe suspicious activity, please press the button on the console to activate two way communications with the Security Annex. Communicate a clear and concise message into the speaker and the information will be received by Security in the Annex.

The security personnel receiving this call is capable of conversing with you. A tracking device will alert the officer to the location of the phone being used and a mobile security unit will be immediately dispatched to your location. The illuminated blue light will simultaneously activate and flash to draw attention to your location.

Blue Emergency Phone Locations:

  • Each level of the parking garage (for a total of three phones)
  • In front of Rice Hall
  • Montgomery parking lot
  • In front of the Press Box
  • East side of Spellman Hall
  • North side of Hagan Hall
  • West side of Cornelia Hall
  • 2nd Floor East Hall
  • 3rd Floor East Hall
  • Summit parking lot
  • Back of Doorley Hall
  • Hynes Athletics Center