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The way you access software is changing.

Beginning the Fall Semester 2018, most software on the classroom, library, and computer lab PC’s will be delivered via an app store from AppsAnywhere. This method of software distribution provides many benefits including up to date applications, faster logon times, and the ability to access specialized software on any of these computers.

How to use AppsAnywhere

When you log in to any computer on campus that is setup for AppsAnywhere, you will notice there is very little software installed to the computer. In addition there will be an icon on the desktop named ‘Iona College Apps’. To launch any software available to you, please do the following:
  1. Double click on the ‘Iona College Apps’ icon on the desktop.
    Screenshot of desktop. Iona College App Store icon is circled in the top lefthand corner.
  2. A browser will open and log you into the AppsAnywhere App Store for Iona College.
  3. A validation bar will run at the top of the screen for a second. When it turns green and says ‘Validation Successful’, you are ready to launch an application.
    Screenshot of the green bar across the top of the app store with a message of Validation Successful.
  4. Browse the store by scrolling or use the search bar to find the application you wish to launch.
  5. Hover over the application and click on the ‘Launch’ button.
    Screen shot of browsing the app store. Launch button for Adobe Reader DC is circled.
  6. In a few moments the application will launch and open up. You can proceed to use the application as you normally would.

Validation Failed. What do I do?

Screenshot of the red bar across the top of the app store with a message of Validation failed.
Every once and a while, instead of getting a green, ‘Validation Successful’ message, Validation will fail and you will be presented with a red bar stating that it failed. If you run into this, please try the following:

Method 1: Retry.

Click on the ‘Retry’ button on the red ‘Validation Failed’ banner. If this processes and comes up as failed again, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Refresh your browser.

Click on the circle arrow icon to refresh your page. This is found in the top left area of the browser. If the page fails validation after refresh, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Reboot computer.

Sometimes there can be a conflict from the last user’s session. If the above refreshes do not work, please restart the machine and try again.
If none of the above methods work, please submit a workorder by logging into Please make sure to include which room and computer it is happening on. If possible, please include the computer name. If you are unsure of how to find the computer name, please review this support article on how.