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Epson Interactive Projector (Murphy)

  • About Epson Interactive Projectors

    The Epson Interactive Projector comes with an interactive pen and on-board interactive tools that enable instructors and students to use the pen as a mouse to navigate around a projected computer screen in addition to interacting with projected content (i.e. ability to annotate documents and media in any program, including MS Office applications).

    The projector contains two types of toolbars- the interactive mode toolbar and the whiteboard mode toolbar. The image below describes the basic functions of both modes.

    For more detailed information on Epson "Smart" Projector functionality, refer to the Getting Started, Epson "Smart" Projector Video Tutorials, and Additional Resources sections below.

  • Using the Projector

    Turning On the Projector

    1. Use the projector switch to lower the projector screen.
    2. Press the power button on the projector control unit to turn on the projector- by default, the projector displays the computer screen.
    3. The VIDEO button on the projector control unit projects the DVD/VCR. Press the COMP button to switch back to projecting the computer.

    Projector Volume

    • Use the volume controls on the projector control unit to adjust projector volume.

    Turning Off the Projector

    1. Press the power button on the projector control unit.
    2. When the 'power off?' message displays on the projector screen, press the power button again.

    Projector Control Unit Legend

  • Using "Easy Interactive Tool Tips"