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  • Getting Started

    Step 1: Turn on the Ladibug Device

    1. Place an object to be displayed under the camera.
    2. Turn on the power.
    3. Adjust the gooseneck and lens to the appropriate positions.
      Note: Each time the lens is moved, locate the camera head and press FOCUS to refocus the lens.

    Step 2: Open the Ladibug Computer Application

    1. Double-click the Ladibug icon on the desktop  to launch the Ladibug application.
      Note: If you do not see the Ladibug icon, go to the start menu on the computer, choose all programs, click on the Ladibug folder and then choose the Ladibug application.
    2. Mouse over Ladibug icon to expand menu functions.
    3. Click the Preview (yellow page with a magnifying glass over it) icon to display the live image and to start using the Ladibug functions.
    4. Click on the Auto Tune (blue car) icon to optimize the focus and brightness of the image.
  • Computer Application Screen Legend

    1. Live image
    2. Main menu
    3. Thumbnail window
    4. File management function menu
  • Main Menu Legend

    The image below shows the main menu for the ladibug 2.0 software completely open. Each icon is explained below.
  • Application Screen Thumbnail Legend

  • Annotation Tools Legend

  • How to Record Video Using the Ladibug Document Camera

    1. Launch the “Ladibug 2.0” program on your computer.
    2. You should be brought to a screen similar to below with a main window large and centered on your desktop, with a small ladibug icon to the right (this will be referred to as the ladibug menu in this tutorial)
    3. Move your mouse cursor over the ladibug menu icon. It should expand to reveal the entire menu as shown below:
      Note: If you hover over each icon, it will pop up to tell you what it will do.
    4. If the ladibug camera is not already on, you can do so by selecting the power button in the top right hand corner of the ladibug menu. Once it is on, more of the buttons on the ladibug menu will become available.
    5. Turn on the ‘live view’ option by selecting the icon in the top left hand corner which looks like a document with a magnifying glass over it:
    6. After selecting this option, the black area of the main window should begin to display a live feed of what the camera sees.
    7. If you are making a recording and want the audio to be recorded as well, it is important to make sure the audio recording feature is turned on. Go to the ‘options’ button on the right side of the second row on the ladibug menu:
    8. The following option screen should appear. Make sure the choice for ‘Enable Audio Recorder’ is selected. You can leave the ‘Audio Source’ on its default, it will use the built in microphone on the ladibug:
    9. Select ‘OK’.
    10. You are ready to record your video. To enter recording mode, select the ‘record video’ button second from the left on the bottom row of the ladibug menu. It has a picture of a camcorder on it:
    11. In the main viewing area, you should see new recording options appear. They look like the image below:
    12. When you are ready to record, select the red circle button to begin.
    13. When you have finished your recording, select the black square button to stop. The recording will appear in the main ladibug window to the left side (as seen below). You can review this video by double clicking it in the left hand side. When the video is selected, you can use the options below it to Save, Delete, or Email the file.
  • User Manuals / Additional Resources