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ProctorU in Blackboard for Faculty

  • Overview & Policy


    ProctorU is a live online proctoring service for test taking online. Proctor U is integrated with Iona Blackboard, but can also be used with other online platforms, such as publisher’s websites, at the instructors discretion.

    Online proctors use a three-step process to replicate the face-to-face proctoring experience over the internet that includes:

    • Connecting with the test taker via web cam.
    • Monitoring the test taker's computer screen in real time.
    • Authenticating the test taker's identity using a multi-factor process.

    Through this process, proctors can see the test taker, see what they are doing, and know who they are monitoring.

    Iona's ProctorU Policy

    Iona's ProctorU Policy can be found on the Office for the Provost website.

  • Sending a Blackboard Exam to ProctorU

    In order for you to send an exam to ProctorU, you must create the test in Blackboard first. Additionally, you must also create a password for the test on the Test Options page, which appears after you initiate the deployment of a test in a content area. For instructions on how to create a Blackboard Test, watch this video tutorial or view the written instructions.

    Once you have created the test, you can send the exam to ProctorU. To complete this process:
    1. Navigate to the Control Panel in Blackboard.
    2. Select Course Tools.
    3. From the Course Tools menu, choose ProctorU Instructor Tools.
    4. Then, follow the instructions in this handout.
  • How it Works

    1. Connect to a proctor
      You will connect with a live proctor from one of ProctorU's two online proctoring centers via your web camera. This proctor will help you through the exam process and is available during the exam if technical difficulties arise.
    2. Connect your screen
      You will connect your screen to the proctor. This allows the proctor to see your computer screen and enables the proctor to assist with step three so you may begin your exam.
    3. Authentication
      The proctor will need to know that you are in fact the right test taker. The proctor will ask you to show a photo ID. The proctor will then snap a photo of you for your profile. Once that is completed, the proctor will ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. These questions are generated from a public information database.


  • Using ProctorU on Other Platforms

  • Technical Support

    ProctorU' s support team is available 24/7. For help, call ProctorU at (855) 772-8678.