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Zoom for Students

  • What Is Zoom?

    Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that combines the ability to virtually meet across platforms and devices with the opportunity for meeting hosts (instructors) to collaborate with participants (students) through application and desktop sharing, high definition audio and video transmission, and web-based chat. For more information, please visit
  • Who at Iona College Uses Zoom?

    Any faculty member who plans to record a lecture or provide a virtual classroom environment can use Zoom.
  • How to Join a Zoom Meeting

    Zoom “participants” (students) attend the virtual meeting, which is led by the “host” (instructor).

    First Time Set-Up:

    Step 1:  Click on the meeting link as instructed by your Professor. This link may be posted to the course Blackboard or may arrive to your Iona inbox.

    Once you click on the link as a first time user, you will be prompted to install the application software.

    Step 2: Choose to save the file as indicated above.

    Step 3: Access the saved file and launch it.

    Step 4: The application will install. Once the application installs, you will be prompted to enter a name to use when you enter the meeting.

    The next time(s) you click on a Zoom meeting link in, you will just be prompted to launch the meeting in the Zoom software application as shown below:

    You will enter the meeting automatically at this stage and be prompted to check your audio and video as shown below. Please click on the green button to Join Audio.
  • How can I change the background image in Zoom?

    See our step-by-step instructions on how to change the background image in Zoom.

  • Are there any images of campus I can use for my Zoom background?

    Yes! You can download ready-to-use background images of Iona College here. Just click on the download arrow located at the far right bottom corner of the photo. Click on the download arrow located at the far right bottom corner of the photo.

  • Install Zoom Apps

    Zoom mobile app: You can download the Zoom mobile app for your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

    You do not need to have a Zoom account to join a meeting from the mobile app. 
  • Test Your Audio/Video

    It is highly recommended that you test your audio and video every Zoom session. To test your audio and video, navigate to your toolbar at the bottom of your Zoom application as shown below and click on 'Settings'.

    Testing Audio

    1. Use the menu on the left of the settings window to navigate to the 'Audio' options.
    2. Select the 'Test Speaker' blue button. A piece of music should play out of your speakers.
    3. Hit ‘Test Mic’ blue button, speak clearly into your microphone to record a short test. The test recording will play itself out of your speakers.

    Testing Video

    1. Use the menu on the left of the settings window to navigate to the 'Video' options.
    2. Using the dropdown menu, make sure the camera you want to use is selected.
    3. A preview of the camera should appear in the options window as shown below.
  • Vendor Support

    At the Zoom Help Center users can find support for their individual platform (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, or iOS). Support includes how-to articles on features of Zoom such as testing audio, troubleshooting video and browser-based errors, and signing in and joining a meeting.

    Also at the Zoom Help Center are Frequently Asked Questions that serve as first-line support for inquiries.

    Updated Training Resources Provided by Zoom

    Zoom offers several Zoom Education Webinar sessions each week with a live host to answer questions, and focus on the following topics:
    • How to download Zoom applications and join a Zoom meeting
    • How to schedule a meeting and send out invitations
    • In-meeting controls and differentiation tools (including the waiting room, share screen, breakout rooms)
    Zoom has also published the following short videos and guides to help instructors get up and running with Zoom: