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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

General Policies for Student Organizations

Students and campus clubs/organizations are not agents of the College and the College does not endorse, control or supervise the off-campus activities of these individuals or groups, but will enforce the College Code of Conduct for any reported or observed behavior that is in violation of college policies.

Alcohol Possession and Consumption

The use of alcoholic beverages by students on campus is a privilege granted by the College in accordance with the laws of the state of New York and the rules and regulations of the College.


In accordance with the regulations established by the Fire Department and the Board of Health, smoking is not permitted in any building. It is most important for all members of the community to obey the regulations and respect the rights and the health of non-smokers. In permitted areas, it is expected that littering will be avoided through the maximum use of the receptacles provided.

Off-Campus Guests at Events

Events are for the students, staff and faculty of Iona College. With the permission of the Director of Student Development and the Director of Campus Safety and Security, student clubs/organizations can sponsor events that permit non-Iona College individuals to attend. The procedures established in the Student Leader Resource Manual must be followed and individual events approved by the Campus Safety and Security Department and the Office of Student Development with consideration given to the financial impact to determine the viability of the event. Events that are granted permission to invite non-Iona College students will require additional Campus Safety Officers and/or New Rochelle Police as determined by the Director of Campus Safety and Security.

Public Events

Student Clubs/Organizations can sponsor events that are open to the public if they receive permission from the Director of Student Development and the Director of Campus Safety and Security. Requests should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event and additional planning procedures may apply. These events may require additional security in the form of New Rochelle Police.

  1. Discuss the event with members of the club and club adviser.
  2. Follow the Office of Student Development and Student Government Association’s event funding and approval process and timeline for the best chances of optimal dates and funding.
  3. Check the College online master calendar to ensure that there will be no conflict of scheduling or repetition of events.
  4. Contact the Office of Student Development to discuss the event and to have the online space reservation process completed.
  5. The Event Planning checklist including communication with the Office of Student Development, club/organization adviser, and when appropriate Campus Safety and Security, Facilities Management and Food Services will commence.
  6. Student club/organization events are for the benefit of the students of Iona College. Any club/organization wishing to invite students from other Colleges may do so in accordance with the Event with Guest or Public Event policies and with the written permission of the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Development and Director of Campus Safety and Security.
  7. Various departments coordinate the use of campus facilities. Each club/organization should check the specific space regulations of each facility with the following offices before reserving the space to ensure it meets the needs of the program.
    • Academic Buildings and Rooms - Facilities Management;
    • Athletics Areas - Hynes Athletics Center Facilities Coordinator;
    • Edmund Rice Chapel – Office of Mission and Ministry;
    • Departmental Conference Rooms - Academic Deans;
    • Dining Hall - Facilities Management;
    • LaPenta Student Union - Office of Student Development;
    • Library - Chief Librarian;
    • Lounges - Facilities Management;
    • Presidential Rooms - Office of the President; and
    • Residence Halls - Director for Residential Life.

Additional processes and procedures are required for event planning and must be followed in accordance with specific timelines. All event planners must work with The Office of Student Development and follow appropriate procedures. Events are handled on a case by case basis.