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Campus Club and Organization Moderator/Adviser

The Director of Student Development appoints a moderator/adviser for each campus club/organization by the recommendation of the student members of the organization. The adviser is an integral part of every campus club/organization and volunteers to work with student groups because they want to make a unique contribution in addition to regular professional duties. The adviser should be a full-time member of the faculty, administration or staff. An organization should approach an Iona employee of the staff who is duly qualified and ask them if they would be willing to serve as their adviser. After a member of the faculty, administration or staff has accepted, a written request should be submitted to the Director of Student Development asking them to appoint said individual as adviser of the campus organization. If a new or existing co-curricular organization with the goals of enhancing the studies in a certain academic area (i.e., history) needs an adviser, it is strongly recommended that the members of the group consider a full-time faculty member in that discipline and meet beforehand with the appropriate academic chairperson.

This will create an opportunity to discuss the qualifications of the prospective adviser. The Director will work to secure approval from various supervisors, department heads, and Deans where appropriate. However, the final choice for the nomination shall rest with the membership of the campus organization and the Director of Student Development. Clubs/Organizations are required to arrange that their moderator be present whenever the organization conducts an election of officers, sponsors a campus event, or has a function where alcoholic beverages are served. A member of the Student Development staff may substitute for the adviser at the request of the student organization. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action against the organization and/or individuals that are members of it. The adviser’s primary responsibility is to advise and to serve as a resource person. By suggestions, comments and constructive proposals, they can assist the organization in achieving its objectives. The Office of Student Development can be utilized as a resource for student groups seeking an adviser. Employees of the College interested in advising student groups should contact the Office of Student Development to express their interest and receive additional information.

Specifically, the adviser’s responsibilities to the organization are:

  • to be familiar with the policies of the College and the SGA and with the constitutions of the SGA and the moderator’s organization;
  • review and familiarize yourself with the contents of the Checklist for Good Standing, Adviser Manual, the Student Leader Resource Manual, the organization’s constitution, and the Student Handbook; and to assist the officers and members in becoming acquainted with these policies;
  • to encourage and assist the organization as it plans an active program of activities;
  • to be available to sign checks, administrative forms and space reservation forms;
  • to assist with the creation of budget proposals and oversee the budget that may be available according to Iona College financial procedures;
  • if the organization is a local chapter of a national organization be aware of the national policies and serve as one of the Iona College’s liaisons;
  • attend adviser roundtable receptions, meetings, and trainings, to discuss mutual expectations and resources available to you and your organization;
  • attend any club events or workshops where advisers are asked to be present;
  • assist with assessment activities of the club throughout the year;
  • act as a liaison to the Office of Student Development; and
  • if a student organization is guilty of violating the College Code of Conduct, the new member education policies of the Council of Greek Governance if applicable, or any other College policies, it is the responsibility of the moderator to inform the Director of Student Development, Assistant Director responsible for Greek Life, if applicable, or the Vice Provost for Student Life.

The responsibilities of the campus organization to its adviser/moderator are that:

  • the moderator should be recognized as an integral part of the group and officers must keep them fully informed of the programming activities.

This includes:

  • supplying monthly reviews of the organization’s treasury and/or checking accounts; and
  • notifying the moderator of the place and time of each meeting and all other activities and events with sufficient notice.