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Policies on Agreements Entered into by Students and/or Campus Organizations

Students and/or campus clubs/organizations of the College will occasionally enter into agreements with vendors and other parties in connection with activities that are sponsored by such students or campus clubs/organizations and are held either on or off the College campus. The College is not, and shall not be deemed to be a party to such an agreement, and the College is not responsible, and shall not be deemed to be responsible, for fulfilling or performing any of the provisions of such an agreement.

Any student or campus club/organization that enters into an agreement with a vendor or other party in connection with an activity to be sponsored by such student or campus club/organization, either on or off the College campus, shall provide the vendor or other party with a copy of the Student Handbook which includes the Campus Policies and Procedures section of this Handbook, and shall include in the agreement with such vendor or other party the following language: “(Name of vendor or other party) acknowledges that Iona College is not and shall not be deemed to be a party to this agreement; Iona College shall not be responsible, or deemed to be responsible, for fulfilling or performing any of the provisions of this agreement in any manner; and Iona College shall have no liability under this agreement.”

If any student or campus club/organization shall enter into an agreement with a vendor or other party that does not contain the provision required by the preceding paragraph, the student or campus club/organization and the representatives of such student or campus club/organization who entered into such an agreement, shall be deemed to have violated the College Code of Conduct.

The College reserves as its sole discretion the right to execute any agreement on behalf of an officially-sponsored campus club/organization. Club/Organization representatives are expected to contact the Office of Student Development to assist them in doing so. Furthermore, no form or selling of private business is permitted on campus without specific authorization by the Director of Student Development or their designee. Requests are to be submitted to the Director for referral to the appropriate administrative authorities of the College. All students must follow the established policies in the Student Leader Resource Manual and the Office of Student Development related to any agreements.

Off Campus Event Registration

Student groups, clubs, and organizations must register their proposed off-campus event with the Office of Student Development following the appropriate processes in place such as submitting an event proposal form and meeting with an Assistant Director of Student Development. This should take place well in advance but no later than one month prior to the proposed date. All proposed logistics such as date, time, and location are subject to approval by the college. Students should come prepared with thought given to proposed event logistics and risk management procedures. On a case by case basis the College may determine specific procedures to be followed. For instance, a faculty or staff member may be required to attend the event as a chaperone, or Campus Safety and Security officers or New Rochelle Police officers may be required to be present. Students who participate in off-campus events are still responsible for upholding all college policies and the Student Code of Conduct. The Vice Provost for Student Life or their designee must approve all aspects of the off campus event in order to receive final approval. Once final approval is granted the student group may move forward with planning in accordance with all regulations of the College.