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The Fund for Iona College

Iona College was founded in faith and forged in the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers. The goal of The Fund for Iona College is to advance this legacy, define our future and move the world. The Fund for Iona College helps to ensure that Iona has the flexibility to invest in its most urgent priorities and to help students move towards a bright and boundless future.


Why Give to The Fund for Iona College?

Give today, impact today. Annual fund dollars are flexible and immediately available for what matters most – student life and learning. Each year, we focus our efforts on those projects that are most urgently needed on campus, such as internships, faculty training, financial aid or student programs.

Bridge the gap. Most people do not realize that tuition and fees account for only a portion of Iona’s annual budget. Gifts to The Fund for Iona College create an essential bridge between tuition revenues and the actual cost of an Iona education, ensuring that students have access to an Iona education.

Move the World. Iona College ranks in the top 100 colleges and universities for best return on investment and is one of the most highly accredited institutions in New York. As a valued supporter, you can take pride in these accomplishments. Ongoing availability of dollars from The Fund for Iona College ensures that we will maintain these achievements and continue to reach higher.

How Can I Give to The Fund for Iona College?

Cash Gifts. Of the many ways to give to Iona, most donors choose cash and cash equivalents, whether as annual gifts, a one-time gift or a gift pledged over a period of years. Cash gifts are the easiest and most direct way to donate to Iona and also entitle you to the most generous federal charitable income tax benefits. Cash gifts can be made by check, credit card or online (to make a gift online, go to "Make a Gift" in the Support Iona box to the right or, on mobile, below).

Your check should be made payable to Iona College and, to ensure that it is properly credited, should be accompanied by a letter outlining the purpose of the gift (please include your grad year when applicable). Mail your check to: Iona College, Joyce Advancement House, 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801. 

The Power of Pledges. Pledges enable a donor to consider a more significant gift that would not have been otherwise possible. A pledge to donate $5,000 annually for five years, for example, can allow you to make a stretch gift. By combining yearly gifts into a multi-year pledge, donors have a greater impact on the future of Iona College. For additional information, visit or call (914) 633-2412.

Matching Gifts. If you work for a business that matches its employees’ charitable contributions, you can increase your support of Iona College through a matching gift. Some businesses also match gifts made by retirees and family members. Simply obtain the matching gift form from your business and submit it to the Iona Advancement Office for processing. If you are not sure if your employer matches gifts to higher education, access our online matching gift company database.

Stocks and Securities. While many donors prefer to make gifts of cash, a growing number of donors are taking advantage of contributing gifts of long-term appreciated securities to support the educational goals of Iona College.

President’s Circle

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