Why Does Alumni Participation Matter?

Alumni participation rate is a key metric that measures the involvement, engagement, contribution of alumni and their alma mater. A high participation rate reflects the ongoing impact of the institution on its graduates and signifies a commitment to the success of both individual alumni and the University as a whole.

Participation is essential for the overall success and growth of a university. It strengthens the bond between alumni and the institution, contributes to the university's reputation, and supports the educational and professional development of current and future students.

The Top three reasons why alumni participation matters

1. A Little Goes a Long Way

A gift toward any designation or fund that you care most about supports student experiences and ensures the future success of Iona programs. A gift can be in any amount and with an alumni community of over 55,000 and growing, even a $5 gift will help make a difference! 

2. Increases the Value of Your Degree

Your gift helps increases Iona’s rankings in nationally ranked publications which often use alumni giving as a metric to determine how we compare to other universities.

3. Speaks to Your Iona Experience

A high alumni participation rate is a positive indicator of alumni satisfaction and loyalty. It can also help attract other funding and resources to support Iona’s programs and initiatives.

No matter the size or designation of your gift, your contribution helps to build a supportive network, valuable resources for the institution, creates strong connections, and supports the ongoing enhancement of the University.

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