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Advanced Standing and Course Equivalencies

There are many ways for a student to gain advanced standing. Students may take college level courses through programs like Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate, as well as courses taught with the curriculum of a college with which the high school may have a partnership. In any of these circumstances, students may be evaluated for credit at Iona College. It is imperative that you review this information so that you do not risk taking a course at Iona that you may receive credit for from High School. You can not receive credit for the same course twice.

If, after you have started Iona College, you wish to earn college credit through exams, you may wish to consider the College Level Placement Exam (CLEP), which allows students to earn college credit for content the student is proficient in, and feels it is likely that he or she could pass a competency exam on a particular subject. Taking the CLEP exam must be discussed with the Advising Center prior to any student considering or arranging to take an exam – as it is possible that a student will not be permitted to use this option in some circumstances.