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What Parents Need to Know About the Center for Career Development at Iona College


About the Site:

This site is designed to give you information about available career services for students and alumni of Iona College. The Center for Career Development offers students assistance in the following areas:

  • Choosing a major
  • Deciding on a career field
  • Identifying internship or full-time job opportunities
  • Selecting a graduate school
  • Exploring job search resources
  • Taking advantage of career workshops, networking and recruitment events

Career Decisions Begin as Early as Freshman Year:

Many students’ perception of a Career Development Center is that it’s a place to visit during senior year when they are in search of a job. On the contrary, students are faced with important decisions that can affect future careers as soon as they enter college such as choice of a major and identification of initial career interests. This decision-making process is something our office can help with. We encourage students to visit the Career Center early on to be on track with the career planning process.

Internships are Critical to a Successful Career Start:

In today’s competitive job market, employers stress the importance of internship experience when making hiring choices. Internships assist students in determining career choices and frequently lead to full-time employment opportunities. Iona College offers both paid and credit internships. Paid internships can be taken at any time and credit internships are based on criteria established by the academic department.

Where Iona Students Have Completed Internships:

For a sampling of where past Iona students have performed internships, please visit our Featured Internship List.

Common Career Questions Your Son/Daughter May Ask:

As a parent, it is important for you to be aware of potential questions your son or daughter may ask concerning their career and that the Center for Career Development is available to assist in these areas.

  • What major should I choose?
  • What can I do with this major in the work world?
  • How do I obtain more information on a specific career field?
  • Should I do one or more internships, and when is the best time to do them?
  • Should I do a paid or credit internship?
  • Where can I get part-time job listings?
  • Who can help me with my resume and cover letter?
  • How can I prepare for interviews?
  • Should I go on to Graduate School?
  • What recruitment services are offered?
  • Are there any alumni that can share advice about their career field?

Post a Job or Internship:

If you would like to recruit Iona students and alumni for your own company/organization's full-time positions or internships, you can post your opportunities online through our Handshake system.

If you are interested in having the Center for Career Development speak with your Human Resources Representative, regarding recruitment opportunities, contact us at (914) 633-2462 or e-mail

Explore the Center for Career Development Website:

Visit our website to learn about specific resources such as the Freshman Resources that can assist your son/daughter from freshman year through graduation and as an alumnus of the college.