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Humanities Requirements

15 credits

All Iona College students are required to take one three-credit course each in Fine and Performing Arts, Literature, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Fine And Performing Arts Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Prefix Course Number Course Name
FPA 200 Art Appreciation
FPA 201 Introduction to the Theatre, Theatre Elements
FPA 202 Music Appreciation (DCCG)
FPA 203 Drawing and Painting I
FPA 205 Introduction to the Theatre, Theatre Foundations
FPA 207 Shakespeare in Performance
FPA 209 Women in Music (DCCG)
FPA 211 Introduction to Sculpture
FPA 212 Art History: The Prehistoric Era to the Middle Ages
FPA 213 Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art
FPA 217 Modern Art in New York City Collections
FPA 220 Dance Appreciation
FPA 225 Theatre History: Ancient Greek Theatre to the Renaissance (DCCG)
FPA 226 Theatre History: The Renaissance to the Modern Theatre (DCCG)
FPA 229 Introduction to Classical Acting
FPA 230 Introduction to Acting
FPA 233 Music in the Time of Thomas Paine
FPA 234 Practical Music Experience
FPA 235 Music in Film and Video
FPA 236 History of Popular Music in America (DCCG)
FPA 237 Music in World Cultures (DCCG)
FPA 238 Music History: Medieval through Baroque
FPA 239 Music History: Classical to Modern
FPA 240 Introduction to World Dance Forms (DCCG)
FPA 244 Introduction to Ballet
FPA 245 Introduction to Choreography
FPA 246 Digital Photography and Imaging Manipulation
FPA 250 Modern Dance I
FPA 258 Music and Politics
FPA 260 Jazz Dance: From Roots to Hip Hop and Beyond

Literature Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Prefix Course Number Course Name
ENG 212 Self and Society
ENG 213 Transformations
ENG 214 New Worlds

History Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Prefix Course Number Course Name
HST 101 The Evolution of Western Civilization
HST 120 Timeless Issues in History
HST 201 Tradition and Modernity: The Challenge of the Non-Western World
HST 304 From Hamilton to Mickey Mouse: IP and Politics of Innovation in American History
HST 310 American Colonial History
HST 311 The American West
HST 315 Civil War and Reconstruction
HST 319 America’s Recent Past (DCCG)
HST 335 The Development of American Foreign Relations
HST 336 American Foreign Relations in the Modern Age
HST 337 The Immigrant Experience (DCCG)
HST 343 Medieval Europe
HST 345 The History of Violence (DCCG)
HST 346 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HST 351 Europe, 1648-1815 Age of Reason and Revolution
HST 355 The Soviet Experiment and Post-Soviet Successor States (DCCG)
HST 360 Historical Geography (DCCG)
HST 368 Europe in the Contemporary World (DCCG)
HST 370 Russia under the Romanovs (DCCG)
HST 372 Eastern Europe Under Communism and After (DCCG)
HST 374 Revolution in the Modern World (DCCG)
HST 381 African Civilization (DCCG)
HST 382 Africa in the Modern World (DCCG)
HST 385 The Modern Middle East: From the Rise of Nation States to ISIS (DCCG)
HST 386 The Iranian World (DCCG)
HST 391 China: From Confucianism to Communism (DCCG)
HST 392 Japan: From Ancient Myth to Constitutional Monarchy (DCCG)
HST 393 A History of Southern Asia (DCCG)
HST 396 The Emergence of Modern Latin America (DCCG)
HST 410 Seminar in History
HST 411 Oral History: Methodology and Applications
GEO 415 Economics of Global Resources (DCCG)

Philosophy Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Prefix Course Number Course Name
PHL 210 Action & Character: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy
PHL 215 Matters of Life and Death
PHL 216 Freedom and Morality
PHL 217 Morality and Skepticism
PHL 218 Markets and Morals
PHL 219 Ethics and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Religious Studies Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Prefix Course Number Course Name
RST 204 Christian Scriptures
RST 205 Buddhist Wisdom (DCCG)
RST 206 Spirituality
RST 208 Ethics and Morality
RST 209 Peace and Social Justice (core course through 2018-19 catalog year)
RST 213 Religion and the Natural World
RST 215 Islam: History, Belief, Practice (DCCG)
RST 220 The Religious Imagination (core course through 2018-19 catalog year)
RST 317 American Religious Experience
RST 318 Violence, Peace, and Social Justice (not open to those who took RST 209) (OI)
RST 324 Christian Sexual Ethics (DCCG, WI)
RST 326 Theology of Christian Service (DCCG)
RST 327 The Holocaust and the Churches (DCCG)
RST 328 The Religious Imagination (not open to those who took RST 220)
RST 330 Women, Gender, and Religion (DCCG)
RST 338 The Gospels
RST 341 Story of the Universe
RST 343 Sufism: Traditions of Islamic Mysticism (DCCG, WI)
RST 370 Creative Peacemaking (DCCG, WI)
RST 375 Wisdom Literature
RST 406 Biomedical Ethics and the Christian Tradition (WI)