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STEM Requirements

Required Credits: 9

All Iona College students are required to take nine (9) total credits in the areas of computer science, mathematics and lab science. One (1) 3-credit course must be taken from each area of study.

Choose one (1) course:

Computer Science Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Course Number Course Name
CS 140 Computers, Technology and Society
CS 142 Website Design
CS 144 Introduction to Game Development
CS 146 Introduction to Robotics
CS 148 Data Science and Society
CS 201 Computer Science I

Choose one (1) course:

Mathematics Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Course Number Course Name
MTH 123 Mathematical Thinking
MTH 124 Interpreting Information
MTH 125 Demystifying Numbers
MTH 134 Business Calculus
MTH 231 Calculus I

Choose one (1) course:

Laboratory Science Core Course Choices
Choose 1
Course Number Course Name
BIO 101 General Biology I (WI)
BIO 108 Body, Structure, and Function
BIO 111 Infectious Diseases
BIO 113 Biology of Poison, Murder, and Mayhem
BIO 115 DNA and Biotechnology
BIO 116 The Brain in Health and Disease
BIO 120 Introduction to Forensic Science
BIO 125 Environmental Science I
BIO 128 Principles of Nutrition
BIO 148 Exercise Science
CHM 109 General Chemistry I
CHM 115 Chemistry and the Environment
CHM 120 Medicine Demystified
CHM 125 Criminalistics Laboratory 1
CHM 130 Chemistry of Food
CHM 135 Science of Superheroes
CHM 140 Chemistry of Emotions (WI)
CHM 145 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHM 150 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (OI)
PHY 101 General Physics I (WI)
PHY 105 Earth Science (WI)
PHY 106 General Astronomy (WI)
PHY 120 Computer Music (WI)


Elena Procario-Foley

Elena G. Procario-Foley, Ph.D.

Director, Core Curriculum

Br. John G. Driscoll Professor of Jewish-Catholic Studies

Professor of Religious Studies