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Diversity, Cross-Cultural and Global Perspectives

All Iona University students are required to take three courses in the areas of Language, Human Diversity, and Global Perspectives. One course must be in a world language (contemporary or classical) and one course must be in Human Diversity. The third course can either be a language course in the same language, or a course in Global Perspectives. Either the Human Diversity or Global Perspectives course must be from a Humanities discipline (ENG/FLA/HST/PHL/RST).

The Human Diversity area will address the complex, rich, and deeply textured manifestations of diversity in our communities and surrounding social contexts. Courses in this area may examine: the history, causes, and consequences of racism of different types; the principles of anti-racism; socio-economic class; religion; disability; ethnicity; and sex and gender, as just a few examples. Courses may also seek to interrogate the structural inequalities that harm people and prevent the full flourishing of human communities and cultures.

Courses satisfying the Language area will introduce students to the grammatical and linguistic structures of a language as well as the cultural contexts in which languages work, grow, and change.

Courses satisfying the Global Perspectives area will seek to understand major topics, issues, and controversies outside the limits of national borders, and engage students in thinking within and beyond their own experiences to those of communities, identities, and cultural groups around the world.

Choose one (1) course:

Language Core Courses - Choose one
Course Number Course Name
FRE 150 Beginning French Culture Through Conversation
FRE 250 Intermediate French Culture Through Conversation
FRE 305 Advanced Composition I
FRE 307 Advanced Conversation I
GER 150 Beginning German Culture Through Conversation
ITA 150 Beginning Italian Culture Through Conversation
ITA 151 Beginning Italian Culture through Conversation II
ITA 250 Italian Culture Through Conversation
ITA 251 Intermediate Italian Culture Through Conversation II
ITA 305 Advanced Italian Composition I
ITA 307 Advanced Italian Conversation I
JPN 103 Elementary Japanese
JPN 203 Intermediate Japanese
LAT 103 Elementary Latin I
LAT 203 Intermediate Latin
SCS 108 Introduction to American Sign Language [non-language DCCG prior to AY 21-22]
SCS 109 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture [non-language DCCG prior to AY 21-22]
SPA 150 Beginning Hispanic Culture through Conversation
SPA 151 Beginning Hispanic Culture through Conversation II
SPA 250 Intermediate Hispanic Culture Through Conversation
SPA 251 Intermediate Hispanic Culture Through Conversation II
SPA 255 Conducting Business in Hispanic Cultures
SPA 304 Spanish for Hispanics
SPA 305 Advanced Spanish Composition I
SPA 307 Advanced Spanish Conversation I

Choose one (1) course:

DCCG Human Diversity Core Course Choices - Choose one (1) course
Course Number Course Name
BST 101 Black Cultural Identity, Past & Present 
EDU 210 An Introduction to Special Education 
ENG 352 Shifting Selves 
ENG 365 African American Literature 
ENG 372 Multicultural Writers of America 
ENG 384 Women’s Lives in Modern American Literature
ENT 303 Social Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement & Community Development 
FPA 209 Women in Music 
FPA 236 History of Popular Music in America 
FPA 240 Introduction to World Dance Forms 
HST 304 From Hamilton to Mickey Mouse: IP and Politics of Innovation in American History 
HST 310 American Colonial History 
HST 311 The American West 
HST 315 Civil War and Reconstruction 
HST 316 The Age of Revolution and Historical Memory 
HST 319 America’s Recent Past 
HST 337 The Immigrant Experience 
HST 343  Medieval Europe 
HST 345  The History of Violence 
HST 351 Europe, 1648-1799: The Age of Reason and Revolutions
HST 355 The Soviet Experiment and Post-Soviet Successor States 
HST 368 Conflict in Twentieth-Century Europe 
HST 370 Russia under the Romanovs (1613-1917) 
HST 372  Eastern Europe under Communism and After 
HST 411  Oral History: Methodology and Applications 
MSC 326 Race, Gender & Class in Media 
POL 337  Gender and Politics 
PSY 321  Psychology of Human Sexuality
RST 205  Buddhist Wisdom 
RST 310 The Religious Traditions of China 
RST 324  Christian Sexual Ethics
RST 326  Theology of Christian Service 
RST 327  The Holocaust and the Churches 
RST 330  Women, Gender, and Religion 
RST 343  Sufism: Traditions of Islamic Mysticism 
RST 345  Sacred Music and Poetry 
RST 370  Creative Peacemaking
SCS 220  Intercultural Communication 
SCS 221  Gender Differences in Human Communication 
SOC 202  Science, Society & Self 
SOC 304  Sociology of Health, Illness, & Medicine 
SOC 322 Race and Ethnic Relations 
SOC 324  Sex and Gender Roles in Modern Society
SOC 372  Sociology of Popular Culture 
SOW 2200 Sustainability and Community: An Environmental Justice Perspective 
SOW 2210 Introduction to Social Work
SOW 2220  Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Human Diversity (Department consent required to take this course)
DCCG Global Perspectives Core Course Choices - Choose one (1) course
Course Number Course Name
BEC 325  Dimensions of International Business 
BLW 415  International Law and Business 
CRJ 360  Terrorism 
ECO 300 Comparative Economic Growth and Development 
ECO 416  International Economics 
ENG 389  Climate Change Literature 
ENG 444  Post Colonial Literature 
FLM 362  International Film 
FPA 202  Music Appreciation 
FPA 212 Art History: Prehistoric Era to the Middle Ages 
FPA 214  Theatre for Social Justice 
FPA 225  Theatre History: The Ancient Greek Theatre to The Renaissance 
FPA 226 Theatre History: The Renaissance to the Modern Theatre 
FPA 237  Music in World Cultures 
GEO 305  General World Geography
GEO 415 Economics of Global Resources 
HST 335  Development of American Foreign Relations
HST 336  American Foreign Relations in the Modern Age 
HST 338  The Vietnam Wars 1939-1998
HST 360 Historical Geography 
HST 374  Revolution in the Modern World 
HST 381  African Civilization 
HST 382  Africa in the Modern World 
HST 385  The Modern Middle East: From the Rise of Nation States to ISIS 
HST 386  The Iranian World and its Heritage in Afghanistan and the Post-Soviet Muslim Republics, 1500-Present
HST 391  China: From Confucianism to Communism 
HST 392  Japan: From Ancient Myth to Constitutional Monarchy
HST 393  A History of Southern Asia 
HST 396 The Emergence of Modern Latin America 
ITA 260  Italian Civilization 
ITA 261 Italian American Experience 
ITA 265 Dante’s Inferno 
ITA 266 Sinners and Saints: Dante’s Purgatorio and Paradiso 
ITA 350  Italian Immigrant Literature 
MNG 414 International Management
MNG 415  International Human Resource Management
MSC 399  International Media & Communication 
POL 203 Introduction to Global Politics 
POL 347  Comparative Politics: The Non-Western World 
POL 362  International Relations 
POL 364  International Law and Organizations
POL 365  Contemporary Global Politics 
POL 371  Politics of Global Health 
POL 373  Global Cities and the Environment 
RST 215 Islam: History, Belief, and Practice 


Elena Procario-Foley

Elena G. Procario-Foley, Ph.D.

Director, Core Curriculum

Br. John G. Driscoll Professor of Jewish-Catholic Studies

Professor of Religious Studies