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Written And Oral Intensives Course Requirements

All Iona College students are required to complete 2 WI and 2 OI courses as part of their degree requirements (the Columba Cornerstone does not fulfill this requirement).

WI and OI Special Designations Table

Course Number Course Name OI WI
BIO 101 General Biology 1   X
BIO 450 Biology Seminar X  
BUS 220 Principles of Management X  
BUS 410 The Role of Business in Contemporary American Society   X
BUS 470 Business Policy and Strategy X  
CHM 140 Chemistry of Emotions   X
CHM 150 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology X  
CHM 222 Analytical Chemistry   X
CHM 450 Seminar X  
CS 481 Software Project Development: Design X X
ECO 310 Econometrics   X
ECO 355 The FED Challenge X  
ECO 409 History of Economic Ideas   X
EDU 380 Constructing Literacy Portfolios for Effective Teaching X  
EDU 462 Observation and Student Teaching for Adolescence Education, Grades 7 – X X
EDU 466 Observation and Student Teaching at the Childhood Level X X
EDU 467 Observation and Student Teaching at the Early Childhood and Childhood Level X X
ENG 314 Introduction to Literary Studies   X for majors only or with permission
ENG 358 Advanced Writing: Strategies and Skills   X open to all
ENG 499 Senior Seminar: Literature and Criticism   X for majors only or with permission
HST 301 The Study of History X X
HST 497 History Capstone X X
ITA 260 Italian Civilization   X
ITA 261 Italian American Experience   X
ITA 265 Dante’s Divine Comedy   X
ITA 266 Sinners and Saints: Dante’s Purgatorio and Paradiso   X
MSC 305 Creative Advertising Strategy   X
MSC 350 Writing for the Screen   X
MSC 370 Writing for Public Relations Credits   X
MSC 377 Writing and Reporting for Multiplatform Journalism   X
MTH 236 Introduction to Proof   X
PHY 101 General Physics 1   X
PHY 105 Earth Science   X
PHY 106 General Astronomy   X
PHY 120 Computer Music System   X
POL 497 Capstone in Political Science X X
PSY 331 Personnel Psychology X  
PSY 338 History and Systems: Psychology of Learning X  
PSY 342 Violence Toward the Self X  
PSY 390 Experimental Psychology 1   X
PSY 412 Social Psychology   X
PSY 441 Developmental Psychology   X
PSY 445 Hormones and Behavior X  
PSY 491 Experimental Psychology 2 X X
PSY 496 Senior Seminar X  
RST 209 Peace and Social Justice X  
RST 318 Violence, Peace, and Social Justice (RST 209 OI credit through 18-19) X  
RST 324 Christian Sexual Ethics   X
RST 343 Sufism: Traditions of Islamic Mysticism   X
RST 370 Creative Peacemaking   X
RST 406 Biomedical Ethics and the Christian Tradition   X
RST 450 Religious Studies Capstone   X
SOC 322 Race and Ethnic Relations   X
SOC 450 Senior Seminar   X
SCS 101 Introduction to Oral Communication X  
SCS 205 Interpersonal Speech Communication X  
SCS 209 Business and Professional Speaking X  
SCS 220 Intercultural Communication X  
SCS 221 Gender Differences in Human Communication X  
SCS 225 Public Speaking X  
SCS 332 Problems in Media Communication X  
SCS 366 Audiology X  
SOW 3120 Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Life Course X  
SOW 3200 Research for Social Work Practice   X
SOW 4910 Senior Seminar X