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January 2020 Diplomas

Due to recent Coronavirus developments, January 2020 diplomas are being mailed to your permanent address.

  • How do I update my contact information?

    To better serve you in the event of an emergency or any other important event, it is imperative that your contact information in PeopleSoft is kept current. Log in to your PeopleSoft account and take a few minutes to verify that your addresses, emergency contact information and home/work/cell telephone numbers are accurate. If you live locally while attending Iona please provide us with a local address in addition to your permanent home address. Here’s how to navigate to your contact information:

    Log in and visit your Campus Personal information area:

    Self Service > Campus Personal information

    On the Campus Personal information page you may access screens to update your addresses, emergency contact information and home/work/cell telephone numbers. Be sure to click the SAVE button after you enter any updates.

  • How do I enroll in a class?

    View Enrollment Appointment:
    The enrollment start date is the EARLIEST date and time that you can register. To view your enrollment appointment Log in to PeopleSoft then click on the following: SELF SERVICE > STUDENT CENTER > ENROLLMENT DATES > DETAILS (Located on middle right side of page)
    - Select the term you want to register for, and then click the CHANGE button in order to view your appointment start/end dates and times.

    To add, drop, swap, or view your schedule of classes, use the menu item Enroll. Click on the following:
    SELF SERVICE >STUDENT CENTER > ENROLL (Located on top left side of main page under Academics)
    - Select the term you need to register for, and then click the CONTINUE button to view your class schedule.
  • How do I check for Holds?

    Students must have all HOLDS removed from their account. Holds are placed on students records to indicate that they need to take specific action (turn in a health form, see your advisor, pay an outstanding balance, etc.) before they are allowed to enroll in classes. Click on each of the following:
    SELF SERVICE > STUDENT CENTER > HOLDS > DETAILS (Located on top right side of page)

    If you have a Hold on your account, click on the Hold Item. Your Holds detail will let you know why you have a hold and will give you information about who to contact and what you need to do to remove it. Once it is removed, you will be eligible to enroll if you have an Enrollment Appointment.
  • How do I drop/add a course?

    • Click on the Add tab at the top of the page.
    • Step 1: Click the SEARCH button to search for available classes. Enter the Course Subject and Number, and the Course Career if necessary. Then click SEARCH. Review the days and times for each class section. Then click SELECT CLASS for the section you want. Review class information, then click NEXT. Repeat Step 1 for each class you want to enroll in. After you have added all the classes you want to your enrollment shopping cart, click PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3.
      **Important** You are not enrolled until you complete Steps 1, 2, and 3.
    • Step 2: Confirm that these are your requested classes, and click FINISH ENROLLING.
    • Step 3: Review the results page to verify your classes were added successfully.
    1. Possible error responses may include:
    2. Enrollment hold You have a hold on your account; See Check for Holds
    3. Requisites not met You have not taken the required pre-requisite course.
    4. Scheduling conflict You have scheduled more than one course at the same time.
    5. Closed course Course is closed; Select another course.
    6. Permission required See Department for permission; Must add in-person at the Registrars Office.
    7. Course previously taken and may be subject to institutional repeat policy When graded, this course may be subject to the Ionas Repeat Rules. It should be verified that this course would apply toward your course of study.
  • How do I check my Class Schedule?

    Log in to PeopleSoft then Click on the My Class Schedule tab at the top of the page. Verify that you are enrolled in the appropriate classes by reviewing your class schedule.
  • I've missed all of the online registration deadlines, can I still register for classes?

    Yes! See in-person registration information and follow menu selections.
  • How do I review my grades?

    To view your grades log in to PeopleSoft and click the following: Self Service > Student Center> Click on Other Academics > Select GRADES > Search > Select the term > Click Continue
  • How do I check my transcript on-line?

    Only currently enrolled students can view their transcripts on-line. Log in to PeopleSoft and click the following: Self Service > Academic Records > View My Unofficial Transcript > Report Type = Unofficial Transcript > Go
  • How can I obtain an Official copy of my Transcript (Iona or Elizabeth Seton)? PLEASE NOTE: Iona DOES NOT issue unofficial transcripts

    Please visit our Transcript Ordering webpage for information on how to request a transcript.

  • Can someone pick up my Transcript or Diploma for me?

    Yes, but we will need written consent. For transcripts, send us a typed or hand-written letter with your Student ID number, Dates of attendance, Date of Degree Conferral (if applicable), Maiden Name or Name while in attendance, and the FULL NAME of the person picking up the Transcript. Sign your letter with a PENNED signature (not typed!). The person picking up the Transcript must show a photo ID. For diploma pick up, please visit our Diploma Pick Up by Third Parties section on our Diplomas webpage.
  • How do I declare a major?

    Students who are ready to declare their major should go to the Department in which they would like to major. The Department will assist the student in completing the Declaration of Major form. The completed form must be sent to the appropriate Deans Office for signature. Once signed by the Deans Office, it must then be forwarded to the Registrars Office.
  • How can I obtain a replacement diploma?

    Replacement diplomas are $30 per copy. Please visit our Diploma Reorders webpage for more information.