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TAP Appeal Process

TAP Appeal Process
Students who have been in good academic standing for prior semesters but failed to meet satisfactory progress and/or pursuit of program standards for the last term may be granted a one-time waiver. This waiver is intended only to accommodate extraordinary or unusual cases and is not automatic. Circumstances that would warrant waiver consideration are:

  1. death of a spouse or parent;
  2. divorce or separation of student or parent;
  3. illness that clearly prevented academic progress for the term in question; and
  4. other extraordinary or mitigating circumstances that clearly prevented academic progress for the term in question.

All waiver requests should be forwarded in writing by the student to the Registrar immediately after the student has been informed of ineligibility. All waiver requests will require full documentation which will include, but not necessarily be limited to, oral/written testimony from parents, teachers, academic advisers, or medical personnel. Students requesting a waiver will be notified in writing of the decision within two weeks after all documentation has been received and evaluated.
Following a determination that the recipient has lost good academic standing, further payments under the program shall be suspended until the student is restored to good academic standing by either:

  1. pursuing the program of study in which he/she is enrolled and making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the program’s academic requirements for a period of one term; or
  2. establishing in some other way, to the satisfaction of the commissioner, evidence of his/her ability to successfully complete an approved program.