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Student Verification for Distance Learning Courses

  • The IT Department is responsible for assuring the security of student account on the IT systems as well as ensuring that student computer IDs are passed directly to the student.
  • The Office of Campus Safety is responsible for validating student's identification prior to issuing the students ID and prior to populating the student's photo into the college's administrative systems. This photo is used for validating the student's identity.
  • All users of the college's Blackboard system and any other learning management systems are responsible to comply with the college's computer use policy. This policy specifically prohibits unauthorized use of an ID belonging to another user, unauthorized reading, use of, or deletion of private files or email belonging to another user, sharing user IDs and passwords with other users or any other person and any attempt to circumvent system protection and security features . Users are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames, passwords and any other access credentials assigned. Access credentials may not be shared or given to anyone other than the user to whom they were assigned to for any reason. Users are responsible for any and all uses of their account. Users are responsible for changing passwords periodically to maintain security. Users are held responsible for knowledge of the information contained within the most recent college catalog as well as the student handbook. Failure to read college guidelines, requirements and regulations will not exempt users from responsibility.
  • Faculty teaching courses through distance education methods hold primary responsibility for verifying the student identity and to support academic integrity. CELTIC is available to train faculty on technology available to assist with this process.
  • Deans are responsible for ensuring that faculty are aware of the identity verification process as part of academic integrity. Deans are also responsible for ensuring that degree programs within their units comply with these provisions.
  • The Office of the Provost is responsible for ensuring that there is college-wide compliance with the identity verification and academic integrity The Office of the Provost working with the CELTIC is responsible for publishing college-wide information on how identity verification processes protect student privacy. The Office of the Provost is also responsible for coordinating and ensuring that university level processes (e.g., admissions or registration) also remain in compliance with policy.
  • The Registrar's office is responsible for notifying students who do not have a valid photo ID on file. Students who do not comply will not be permitted to register in DL courses.
  • The Deans are expected to ensure that all faculty within their units remain in compliance with this policy. If necessary, the Provost may address non-compliance through performance reviews or other measures as appropriate.