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Inspection & Review of Records

Any student may inspect and review his/her/their educational record upon written request submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The request will be honored as soon as possible; under the law this must be done within 45 days of receipt of the request. The Registrar will notify the student regarding when and where the record will be available for inspection.

Any student has the right to review and inspect all of the documents in his/her/their folder except for the following:

  1. Confidential evaluations and letters of recommendation filed before January 1, 1975.
  2. Evaluations and recommendations after that date if the student has waived his/her/their right to see them.
  3. Financial records and statements of his/her/their parents.
  4. Those documents classified by law as non-educational.

If, after inspecting and reviewing his/her/their records, the student has any questions about them, he/she/they may request an oral or written explanation and interpretation of them.

The student may also secure a copy of every document in his/her/their folder open to inspection. These copies will be made by the College under the same terms, conditions and charges as for a student copy of a transcript ($5.25 for each document).

Copies will not be supplied if the student has an overdue debt to the College or has outstanding overdue books or fines with the Library. If an original or source document exists elsewhere (e.g., records of other schools), copies will not be issued to the student.