Peer Advisement, Success in Science (PASS)

Peer Advisement, Success in Science (PASS) is a peer mentorship program. Different from tutoring, PASS is designed to support undergraduate freshman chemistry and biology majors as they adjust to Iona and to help them succeed in their college journey by supporting them. Each mentee is assigned to one upperclassman mentor with aligning career interests and a similar major who serves as a role model for them and provides advice about how to succeed in a challenging STEM curriculum.

Upon joining, mentors and mentees utilize a mentor–to–mentee matching app to find their perfect match. Mentors then meet with their mentees periodically throughout the fall and spring semesters to answer questions and provide advice regarding coursework and their mentee’s school experience.

Having a mentor was crucial during my freshman year as a Biochemistry major. My mentor, Jamilah, gave me helpful insights that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten until I gained my own experience at Iona. It’s a great way to meet new people as well!

Katherine Ivanchenko

Katherine Ivanchenko, ’23

PASS provides students with a great way to meet people and learn about what it’s like to be a STEM major at Iona. I built a great relationship with my mentee, Jared, and shared what worked best for me in my classes as well as helpful resources on campus.

Christopher Annabi

Christopher Annabi, ’21

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If interested, please contact Maryann Forbes’24 at

PASS Leadership

Maryann Forbes '24, PASS Mentorship Program President

Maryann Forbes is a senior majoring in biochemistry. During her first year at Iona University (then Iona College) she participated in the PASS mentoring program as a mentee to Escarlin Perez ‘22. Maryann found the PASS mentoring program beneficial because it allowed her to learn more about the campus and resources, and she was able to interact with those who shared similar majors as her. Through the PASS program, she felt less alone because there was always someone she could depend on. She was able to learn about research and how to form helpful relationships with professors and her peers. She is currently researching under Dr. Zuckerman and can be usually found in the library or in Cornelia Hall so feel free to say “hi!” anytime. Maryann can be contacted at

PASS Mentorship Program Faculty Advisor

Sunghee Lee

Sunghee Lee, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees Endowed Professor, Biophysical/Analytical/Surface Chemistry

Cornelia Hall, 105-D
(914) 633-2638 (914) 633-2638
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