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AIDS Policy Summary

Iona College has incorporated the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) recommendations and guidelines in its policy statement on the College’s response to AIDS. The ACHA states that these guidelines are based on the best currently available medical information and on statements by the United States Public Health Service and Centers for Disease Control. Iona College affirms the dignity of all persons in all matters, including those pertinent to public health issues. The College will respond to each case of HIV infection as required by its particular facts and will be guided by the best available medical knowledge.

The College recognizes each person’s right to privacy and treats all medical information as strictly confidential in accordance with the procedures and requirements in effect at the College and with the public health reporting requirements that apply. The guidelines, which derive from the best currently available medical facts about HIV infection and AIDS, apply to all students with HIV infection. Current knowledge indicates that students with any form of HIV infection do not pose a health risk to others in an academic setting. The complete Policy Statement on AIDS can be obtained from the Office of Counseling Services or the Office of Health Services.