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Open minds through Endowed Faculty Positions

At the heart of Iona is its dedicated faculty. There is no more effective way of enabling Iona to compete in recruiting and retaining top academic talent than by establishing an endowed faculty position

Opportunities in support of faculty:

Type of Fund Minimal Investment Faculty Support
Distinguished Professorship $5,000,000 Support extraordinary leadership, research and teaching.
Professorship $2,500,000 Support distinguished academic leaders.
Assistant Professorship    $1,000,000 Support a professor position in either of Iona’s two schools.
Faculty Scholar  $500,000 Support rising stars among the College’s faculty.
Graduate Assistantship $250,000 Support the next generation of leaders.

Endowed faculty support starts at $250,000 and can support a breadth of different faculty positions. Iona’s faculty support program is not limited to the above suggestions. Gifts may be made over a five-year period. Gifts of any size are welcome and may be directed to any of the College’s existing endowed funds including the general faculty endowment fund.

If you are interested in establishing an endowed faculty position or would like more information, please contact Pamela Bottge, campaign director, at (914) 633-2413 or