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Endowed Programs

Inspire learning through Endowed Programs

Iona is distinguished by a number of academic programs and institutes that are ready to meet the challenges of 21st century higher education. Several innovative, cross-disciplinary programs represent academic approaches required for success in the “new real world.” Endowment funding for academic programming will ensure the College’s competitiveness and attract students and faculty.

Opportunities in Support of Academic Programs
Type of Fund Minimal Investment Program Support
Honors Program $10,000,000 Support students in advanced courses and independent research.
Study Abroad Program $5,000,000 Support students in better understanding our diverse & changing world.
Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic $5,000,000 Support students in hands-on education and community support.
Business Analytics Institute $2,500,000 Support students' training in the field of data analytics.
Institute for Thomas Paine Studies $2,000,000 Support students and faculty in the colloquy about the life of Thomas Paine.
Mission & Ministry $1,000,000 Support students in the mission of service, justice and spirituality.
Center for Health Care Analytics $1,000,000 Support students and faculty in this multi-disciplinary program.
Center for Financial Market Studies $1,000,000 Support students and faculty in understanding and research of financial markets.
Sports & Entertainment Management Center $1,000,000 Support students in learning best practices of media, marketing and management industry.
Cyber Security Program $1,000,000 Support students in preparing for national and international jobs.

Endowed programs can support a breadth of different academic areas. Iona’s academic support program is not limited to the above suggestions. Gifts may be made over a five-year period. Gifts of any size are welcome and may be directed to any of the College’s existing endowed funds including the general endowment fund for academic programs.

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