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Residence Hall

A central tenet of the Iona Forever campaign is to offer all of our students a fully realized Iona experience. At one time predominantly a commuter college, Iona’s current on-campus population comprises 43 percent of all students with the demand for on-campus housing rising every year. The College is committed to a goal of housing 60 percent of undergraduate students on campus.

Iona College recently acquired property adjacent to the campus, which was identified as the perfect location for the new residence hall. The building, which opened in August 2016, houses about 310 full-time students, while the street-level commercial space provides property-tax income to the city and continue the revitalization of North Avenue.

The core of Iona’s mission is to serve students. This belief is manifested in our desire to provide a “living and learning” environment. This beautiful and technologically advanced residence hall attracts and retains more students desiring a living and learning Iona experience and will continue to strengthen and maintain our close ties to the surrounding community.