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Core Curriculum Credit Distribution

Columba Cornerstone Seminar 4 credits
English Composition 3 credits
Humanities (Philosophy, Religious Studies, Literature, History, Fine and Performing Arts) 15 credits
STEM (Math, Science, Computer Science) 9 credits
Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Business 6 credits
Diversity, Cross-Cultural, & Global Perspectives 6 credits (3 of which must be in Foreign Language)
Humanities Centerpiece Course* (English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Foreign Language) 3 credits
Total 46 credits

*In addition, students will choose an Integrated Core Theme (ICT). The Humanities Centerpiece Course is the focal class of the theme around which students will choose three (3) additional integrated courses that are not additional courses in the core. The integrated core courses could be existing core courses, major, minor, or elective courses.