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Integrated Core Theme (ICTs)

  • What is an Integrated Core Theme?

    An Integrated Core Theme (ICT) is a set of four courses based on an interdisciplinary topic (e.g. American “Identity" or "Violence”). The ICT consists of a Humanities Centerpiece course and three integrated courses.
  • What happens in the Humanities Centerpiece course?

    The Humanities Centerpiece Course introduces students to the “big questions” of the Integrated Core Theme (ICT). The centerpiece course should be instrumental in establishing an intellectual framework for the ICT.
  • What departments teach the Humanities Centerpiece course?

    The Humanities Centerpiece course is developed and taught by the departments of English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Foreign Languages.
  • When does a student take the Humanities Centerpiece course?

    As scheduling permits, students will take the Humanities Centerpiece course of their chosen ICT in their freshman or sophomore year.
  • What is different about an ICT?

    The intentional connection of courses from a variety of disciplines to a Humanities Centerpiece course is a unique feature of Iona’s Core Curriculum. An ICT emulates the heart of a liberal arts education by fostering deep thinking about a topic across several fields of study, recognizing that knowledge is interconnected.
  • Is the Humanities Centerpiece course part of the 46 credits of the core curriculum?

    Yes, the Humanities Centerpiece course represents 3 of the 46 credits.
  • Are the three integrated courses part of the 46 credits in the core curriculum?

    The answer depends on the course! Technically, the 46 core credits are counted apart from the three integrated courses. A core course may in fact be part of an ICT. In such a case, that course fulfills a core curriculum requirement at the same time that it is helping to complete the courses necessary for an ICT.
  • Do integrated courses count as major, minor, and/or elective courses?

    Yes, integrated courses may be major, minor, or elective courses. This structure allows for continued growth in integrating knowledge across disciplines.
  • Can all four courses of an ICT be taken in the same department?

    No. Only one integrated course may be in the same discipline as the Centerpiece. No more than two courses from the same discipline/department (as defined by the three letter prefix; e.g.: MTH) may be taken in the entire set of four courses within the ICT.
  • What are the themes of the current ICTs?

    Six ICTs are currently available. They are the following:
    • Violence
    • Identity: Persons, Societies and Cultures
    • Scientific Reasoning
    • Stewardship of the Earth
    • Feminist Interventions
    • Thomas Paine
  • Where can I find the courses of the ICTs?

    View courses for the different ICTs.