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Integrated Core Themes

Integrated Core Themes
An Integrated Core Theme (ICT) is a set of four courses based on an interdisciplinary topic (e.g. Violence). The ICT consists of a Humanities Centerpiece course and three integrated courses. The intentional connection of courses to a Humanities Centerpiece course is a unique feature of Iona’s Core Curriculum. As scheduling permits, students will take the Humanities Centerpiece course of their chosen ICT in their freshman or sophomore year. The Humanities Centerpiece course is developed and taught by the English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Foreign Language departments. The course will introduce students to the “big questions” of the ICT and should be instrumental in establishing an intellectual framework for the ICT. If an ICT offers more than one Centerpiece, the student chooses one Centerpiece and the remaining Centerpieces may be taken as integrated courses if the student so chooses. Only one integrated course may be in the same discipline as the Centerpiece. No more than two courses from the same discipline/department (as defined by the three letter prefix; e.g.: MTH) may be taken in the entire set of four courses within the ICT. Integrated courses may be core, major, minor or elective courses. If an integrated course is also a core course, then it counts toward the appropriate core credit even as it fulfills the requirements of an ICT.

Integrated Core Themes (ICT) include:
Violence | Identity: Persons, Societies, and Cultures | Feminist Interventions | Stewardship of the Earth | Scientific ReasoningThomas Paine

Violence ICT

Centerpiece Courses (choose one)
HST 345 The History of Violence (Humanities Centerpiece)
ENG 353 Narratives of Violence (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
BIO 113 Biology of Poison
BIO 120 Introduction to Forensics
CHM 125 Criminalistics
CHM 140 Chemistry of Emotions
CS 315 Software Security
CRJ 320 Corrections
CRJ 325 Critical Issues in Policing
CRJ 360 Terrorism
CRJ 391 Corporate Crime
CRJ 430 Victimology
ENG 369 Special Topics in Themes in American Literature: Families and Violence
FPA 235 Music in Film and Video 
HST 312 Total War
HST 315 Civil War and Reconstruction
HST 335 The Development of American Foreign Relations
HST 336 American Foreign Relations in the Modern Age
HST 338 The Vietnam Wars
HST 374 Revolution in the Modern World
HST 385 The Modern Middle East
HST 410 Seminar on the History of Modern Warfare, 1495-2015
HST 491 A The Samurai
HST 491 B World War I and World War II
ITA 265 Dante’s Divine Comedy I
PHL 356 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 381 Philosophy of Law
POL 317 Politics of Evil
POL 323 Civil Liberties
POL 333 Politics of Nonviolence
POL 364 International Law
POL 370 Human Rights
PSY 222 The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
PSY 342 Violence Against the Self
RST 370 Contemporary Peacemakers
SOC 306 The Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOW 3330 Violence, Trauma & Resilience


Identity: Persons, Societies, and Cultures ICT

Centerpiece Course
ENG 352 Shifting Selves: Identity, Contact and Belonging (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
BIO 108 Body Form and Function
BUS 410 Business in Contemporary Society
CHM 120 Medicine Demystified
CHM 135 Science and Superheroes
CHM 140 Chemistry of Emotions
CRJ 320 Corrections
CRJ 391 Legal Status of Women in the Criminal Justice System
CRJ 391 Supervision and Management of Special Offenders
CRJ 430 Victimology
ECO 300 Comparative Economic Growth and Development
ECO 416 International Economics
EDU 202 Foundations of Educational Theory
ENG 339 World Drama
ENG 365 African American Literature
ENG 372 Multicultural Writers of America
ENG 384 Images of Women in Modern American Literature
ENG 444 Post-Colonial Literature
ENG 470 Lit Seminar (topics: Queer Literature; Networked Identities; Literature and Social Responsibility; Literature and Identity)
FLA 200 Special Topics in Foreign Languages
FLM 355 Independent Cinema
FLM 362 International Film
FPA 237 Music in World Cultures
HST 336 The Immigrant Experience
HST 411 Oral History
ITA 261 Italian American Experience
MCO 326 Race and Gender in Mass Communications
MKT 301 Consumer Behavior
PHL 321 Philosophy of Mind
PHL 375 Aesthetics
POL 316 Inequality in American Democracy
POL 333 Politics of Non-Violence
POL 370 Human Rights
POL 371 Politics of Global Health
POL 377 Gender and Politics
PSY 212 Child Psychology
PSY 213 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 221 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSY 338 Psychology of Learning
PSY 339 Personality Theory
PSY 412 Social Psychology
PSY 441 Lifespan Development
RST 215 Islam: History, Belief, Practice
RST 324 Christian Sexual Ethics
RST 343 Sufism: Traditions of Islamic Mysticism
SOW 2240 Emerging Issues in Aging


Feminist Interventions: Rereading Canons, Rethinking Traditions, Reimagining Futures ICT

Centerpiece Courses (choose one)
ENG 384 Images of Women in Modern American Literature (Humanities Centerpiece)
PHL 335 Feminist Philosophy (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
CRJ 430 Victimology
FPA 209 Women in Music
SCS 334 Gender differences in Human Communication
SOC 306 Deviant Behavior
SOC 324 Sex and Gender Roles in Modern Society
PHL 337 Philosophy and Culture
PHL 381 Philosophy of Law
POL 337 Gender and Politics
PSY 221 Psychology of Human Sexuality
RST 324 Christian Sexual Ethics
SOW 3330 Trauma, Violence and Resilience


Stewardship of the Earth ICT

Centerpiece Course
RST 341 The Story of the Universe: Foundational Cosmology and Earth History (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
BIO 125 Environmental Science I
BIO 201 Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity
BIO 225 Environmental Science II
CHM 115 Chemistry and the Environment
ECO 370 Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
ENG 470 Literature of Environmentalism
FIN 438 Sustainable Finance
MKT 385 Global Green Marketing
POL 203 Introduction to Global Politics
POL 372 Environmental Law
POL 373 Global Cities and the Environment
RST 213 Religion and the Natural World
RST 339 Spirituality for an Ecological Age
RST 340 Creation Masters Series
RST 370 Contemporary Peacemakers
RST 404 Catholic Creation Theology
RST 412 Environmental Ethics and Religion
SOW 2200 SL Sustainability and Community: An Environmental Justice Perspective

Scientific Reasoning ICT

Centerpiece Course
PHL 365 Philosophy of Science (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
BIO 101  General Biology 
BIO 125  Environmental Science I
BIO 225  Environmental Science II
BUS 210 Statistics
CHM 109 General Chemistry
CS 142  Website Design
CS 144  Introduction to Game Development
CS 146  Introduction to Robotics
CS 201  Computer Science I
CS 434  Game Development
CS 436  Advanced Game Development
CS 461  Artificial Intelligence
CS 465  Data Mining
CS 464  Parallel and Scientific Computing
ECO 309 Statistics for Economists
ECO 310 Econometrics
ECO 370 Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
ECO 380 Health Economics
EDU 202 Foundations of Educational Theory
EDU 373 Instruction and Assessment Strategies for Learning Mathematics
EDU 384 Instruction and Assessment Strategies
HST 351 Europe, 1648-1815: Age of Reason and Revolution
IS 301  Applied Statistical Analysis
MTH 270 Statistics
MTH 432 Probability and Statistics
MTH 231 Calculus I
MTH 236 Introduction to Proofs
MTH 310 Discrete Mathematics
PHL 361 Ethical Issues in Science and Technology
PHL 356 Political Philosophy
PHL 366 Problems in Medical Ethics
PHY 101 General Physics
POL 201 Introduction to Politics
POL 302 Research Methods in Political Science
POL 305 Social Statistics
POL 372 Environmental Law
PSY 201 General Psychology I
PSY 202 General Psychology II 
PSY 323 Quantitative Research Methods for Behavioral Science I
PSY 324 Quantitative Research Methods for Behavioral Science II
PSY 336 Psychological Tests and Measures
PSY 390 Experimental Psychology I
RST 213 Religion and the Natural World
RST 341 Stories of the Universe
RST 335 Spirituality in Ecological Age
RST 406 Biomedical Ethics
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Thomas Paine ICT

Centerpiece Course
ENG 423 Eighteenth-Century Literature (Humanities Centerpiece)
Integrated courses (choose three)
FPA 233 Music in the Time of Thomas Paine
HST 410 Seminar on Thomas Paine
PHL 355 Thomas Paine and the Revolutionary Tradition
POL 391 Thomas Paine and the Struggle for Democracy