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Once you have completed an Iona in Mission trip as a participant, you can apply to become a trip leader or committee member!

IIM Participant Evaluation Form

Student Trip Leaders

Student leaders are participants from past trips who have demonstrated an ability to be conscientious and compassionate. They are responsible for working with the Iona in Mission Coordinator to organize and plan the trip; to select and form the mission trip team, facilitate weekly preparation meetings, and ensure the Iona in Mission experience before, during, and after the immersion. Training sessions in May and August are held to prepare student leaders.

In addition to the extraordinary experience that being a student leader gives students, there is also financial compensation. Leaders receive a discount of 25-50 percent from the cost of the trip.

The application process takes place in March/April.

IMM Leader Application

Please email written responses to Br. Ford at

Please type a 3-4 page (total) response to the following questions:

  1. Why did you initially get involved with Iona in Mission? What have you gotten out of your experience(s)?
  2. What calls you to apply to be a Student Trip Leader and/or Committee Member?
    1. Is there a particular immersion trip you wish to lead, and if so, why?
    2. Are you open to leading other immersions? Are there any you wish not to be considered for?
  3. A criticism of mission trips is that it is better to give the money your group will spend to the host community rather than actually going for a week or two. How would you respond to this criticism and why should a person go on a short-term service immersion experience like an Iona in Mission trip?
  4. Share about your previous experience(s) on an Iona in Mission immersion. What were the main things you learned and took away from your trip?
  5. Please only complete #5 if you're applying to be a Student Immersion Leader
    Please explain what you might do as a student leader for the following:
    1. Prepare the team during the pre-immersion meetings?
    2. Facilitate reflections during the immersion?
    3. Work on your team's Call to Action in the post-immersion phase?
  6. Please only complete #6 if you're applying to the Iona in Mission Committee
    Please explain what you could do to help enhance the Committee's work for the following:
    1. What is your vision for the Iona in Mission Committee?
    2. What do you think the IIM program does well that should be continued? What should be different?
  7. Pick 1 or 2 social justice issues from the section on the first page and please explain why or how you are passionate about these issues.
  8. Please identify and list in bullet form your previous college experience with:
    1. Iona in Mission (prior trips and student leader experiences), community service, and all anticipated time commitments for next year
  9. List 2-3 of your strengths, and 2-3 areas of improvement and why for both.
  10. Please share 2-3 instances where you have shown/experienced responsibility, reliability, and passion for leadership.
  11. What motivates you to do service? What do you get out of the experience?

A resume is optional. If you have any questions or need help with your resume, please contact the Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development | Spellman Hall, 2nd Floor | Office Hours: M-F, 8:30 am-4:30 pm | Phone: (914) 633-2462.

Please complete this application and email written responses to Br. Ford ( in Mission and Ministry (LaPenta Student Union 217) by Monday, April 5, 2021 at 5 p.m. An interview sign-up will be sent electronically to your Iona email. You must sign-up for an interview by Sunday, April 10.

Iona in Mission Committee

Join other past Iona in Mission participants who are committed to helping run and sustain the IIM community with the Coordinator. The Iona in Mission Committee is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the mission trips
  • Assisting student trip leaders
  • Evaluating and researching new sites
  • Fostering community
  • Providing a framework for program-wide fundraising
  • Organizing and coordinating social justice initiatives

Through these actions, the Committee provides the foundation for the Iona in Mission program and reinforces the mission of Iona College through service and social justice education.

If you have participated with Iona in Mission and would like to serve in a role on the Iona in Mission Committee, please apply in March/April.

Iona in Mission Moderator

We seek to include potential moderators from diverse areas of the College and the position is open to any full-time administrator, faculty, or qualified alumni.

The moderator is a key support role for the student trip leader, immersion group, and is an essential representative of the College to ensure the safety of participants and integrity of the program.

Being an Iona in Mission moderator is a commitment and the following are some of the expectations, roles, and responsibilities:

  • The Iona In Mission program is grounded in a student leadership model, so the moderator is an "active participant" but not the immersion group leader.
  • Moderators are expected to attend team meetings regularly, if possible, and the Commissioning Mass before the trip.
  • Moderators on domestic trips serve as drivers of 12 or 7 passenger vans and are mandated to become approved College drivers through Human Resources.
  • Moderators are the emergency contact person for the group while on immersion and strive to ensure the safety of the group.
  • The Office of Mission and Ministry subsidizes the full cost of the moderator.

Moderator Application

Contact Us

Office of Mission & Ministry

Robert V. LaPenta Student Union

(914) 637-2772 (914) 637-2772