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Thursday Hospitality Suppers

Please join us every Thursday at 5:30 pm for Hospitality Supper. Suppers are held at Montgomery House (or the Robert V. LaPenta Union End Zone when combined with Friends of Edmund).

Everyone is welcome to join us for free dinner. Various clubs and organizations on campus sponsor the weekly dinner. The suppers are informal gatherings. They are a great opportunity to meet fellow students and learn about upcoming events and activities scheduled through the Office of Mission and Ministry.
If you are interested in sponsoring a Hospitality Supper or would like additional information, please contact the Office of Mission and Ministry.

Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters is the on-going programming of the student ministry team in the residence halls.  The programs highlight cultural and religious diversity through collaboration with members from diverse backgrounds within the Iona community.  Examples of past programs are: Hinduism and Meditation; Salsa Night – where we learned how to Salsa and celebrated Latino/a culture; Zambian reflections and dance; Taize candlelight prayer service; and a Mardi Gras party.
To suggest program ideas or find out how to get involved, please contact Stephen Hill, the Residence Hall Minister, at (914) 633-2340 or

Dinner “Unplugged”

You are invited to join the Montgomery House Community of student campus ministers for a home cooked dinner and discussion on topics we recognize are important to you.  In particular, we focus on how our spiritual lives connect with college life, friendship, culture, religion, social justice, and service.  In addition to great food, our conversations center around such ideas as women’s empowerment, human trafficking, diversity and discrimination, alcohol and other drug abuse, silent heroes, romantic relationships, and more.  Oftentimes we have a guest speaker to lead us in these discussions, which can be a community leader, faculty professor, or Iona Administrator. 

We are also open to topics recommended by students, so please contact us to suggest a theme!  We meet on Mondays twice a month from 5-6 pm.  We always make sure everyone who has night class gets there in time!

Please call or email to let us know you’d like to come, or for more information:
(914) 637-2772

Coffee House

Everyone has a gift to share!  We invite you to share yours with the Iona Community each semester at our hugely popular Mission and Ministry Coffee House!  Guitarists, pianists, singers, bands, a capella  groups, praise dancers, jam band, salsa dancers, spoken word artists – all performed in the midst of a tremendously supportive Iona community and much appreciation.

Entire floors and clubs come to support their people.  Veterans return with original or favorite material, and newbies spread their wings and fly into their first performance.  It is an uplifting, unifying experience.

Coffee House is held in September and February each year.  If you would like to perform, please be sure to touch base with the Office of Mission and Ministry early to find out sign-up dates.

We look forward to seeing you there!