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Welcome Parents!

We know that there is a lot to remember when it comes to College. To help you, we have included many items of interest in one location.

Have a question and need to talk to someone?
Please call us at (914) 633-2497. Our call center will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. If the conversation requires further assistance someone from our office will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Do you know the answer to your student's security question?
Government law (FERPA) prohibits Iona College from speaking with you without your son's or daughter's permission. Please ensure your student has completed the Permission to Release Information form if you will be helping him/her with their account, financial aid and registration. You will need to obtain the answer to his or her security question.

Do you need proof your son or daughter is a full time student?
Iona College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verifications. Learn more about degree and enrollment verifications.

Getting Started - Undergraduate Financing Options
View information on billing, payment and more!

Financial Aid FAQ's
Find answers to all your financial aid questions!

How much will it cost for my son or daughter to attend Iona?
See information on tuition rates and fees.

Don't know how much you owe? Looking for your bill?
Bill notifications are sent to your student's email address through Iona's e-billing system. You will not receive a paper bill. Students can add you as an Authorized User so you can be notified by email each time a new billing statement becomes available. Become an Authorized User today! Signed up already? Log in now

Don't want to make your payment all at once?
Split your bill into monthly payments with Iona's Payment Plan. The payment plan is only available in the fall and spring terms. It requires you to sign up each term. Log in now to your account and sign-up.

College isn't cheap, protect your investment!
You can't control what may happen to your daughter or son but you can control what happens to your investment. See the benefits of Iona's Tuition Insurance Program and how it helps you and your student!

Is your son or daughter hungry? Is their meal card empty?
Iona offers a meal plan for resident and commuter students. Meal cards are active during the academic year, fall through spring. Use It or Lose It: money not used by the end of the spring semester will be forfeited. Learn how a plan can be purchased or replenished!

Tax Information
The federal government provides a number of tax incentives that can help defray the cost of higher education. These incentives come in the form of tax credits and tax deductions. See if you qualify for these!

Looking for your 1098T form?
It's fast and environmentally friendly. No more lost forms! Print as many as you want from wherever you want. Learn more about 1098T forms.

Want to know how your student is doing in class? Ask your Student!
Iona College policy prohibits grades from being discussed or released over the phone or to a parent. Your child can print their own grades by logging in to PeopleSoft. Learn more about obtaining grades through PeopleSoft.

Drop vs. Withdrawal: Will you have to pay?
A student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition at the time of registration. A decision by the student to not attend, or to stop attending, a class constitutes either a "drop" or a "withdrawal" depending on the timing of the notice to the College. The timing of the notification also determines the tuition charges for which the student will remain liable. Learn the difference between a drop and a withdrawal and see what will happen to your child's account. View Iona's tuition refund schedules.