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Health Care Options

Christian Brothers PPO plan

Premium costs beginning July 1, 2018, are as follows:

Coverage Monthly Cost
Monthly Cost
Single $198.14 $792.56
Employee + 1 $382.42 $1,529.70
Family $574.60 $2,301.41

Co-payments with Christian Brothers Services are as follows:
Primary doctor office visit copay: $25
Specialist doctor office visit copay: $40
Inpatient Hospital copay: $250
Emergency Room copay: $125

Prescription Copays
  Generic Preferred Non-Preferred Brand
Pharmacy: $20 $40 $60
Mail Order*: $25 $90 $150
*Mail order rates are based on a 90-day supply.

To learn more about Christian Brothers Services, please visit To see if your providers are in-network with the Aetna Signature PPO, please visit

Empire BlueCross/BlueShield Blue View Vision Plan

Employees enrolled in the PPO plan will receive vision coverage through Empire BlueCross/BlueShield’s Blue View Vision Plan.  The cost is included in the monthly deductions listed above.
To see if your provider is in-network with the Blue View Vision Plan, please visit Review the benefit summary here.
*The College reserves the right to change the employee's contribution, to modify or amend the plan design or terminate the plan.

Health Advocate

If you are enrolled in the Iona College medical plan, you and/or your covered dependent(s) may contact Health Advocate at (866) 695-8622, or you may visit their website.

Health Advocate Member Website Guide »

For questions or suggestions please contact Lesley Valente, x2049.