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Workers' Compensation

All Iona University employees are covered by New York State Workers’ Compensation Law for injury or illness from the job. An employee may be eligible for payment of lost wages and medical bills under the law. Employees are responsible for immediately reporting an injury or illness to their department head and Campus Safety.

Please note, if an employee is injured or becomes ill from the job and requires medical care, they must be treated by a Workers’ Compensation in-network physician. Failure to report an injury within 24 hours and to submit reports promptly may result in delayed payments or loss of workers’ compensation.

If an employee is injured or comes ill as a result of their job they should follow the following process:

  1. Employee should immediately report the injury to their direct supervisor and Campus Safety.
  2. Human Resources will submit the claim to the insurance carrier.
  3. If there is missed time from work, an employee should follow proper call out procedure.
  4. An employee must notify HR of any missed time due to a work-related injury.