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Other Benefits

Family Allowance

The College grants a one-time $450 cash allowance for a newborn child (or adoption) of a regular full-time employee. In order to receive payment, the employee must provide adoption documentation or a birth certificate or hospital discharge paperwork to the Human Resources Department.

Unemployment Benefits

If you become unemployed due to no fault of your own and no other job is available, you may be entitled to twenty-six (26) weeks of New York State Unemployment benefit.

Maternity Leave

New York State Worker's Compensation Laws, disability section, treats pregnancy as a medical illness, eligible for short term disability up to 12 weeks. Time out for disability and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) run concurrently. A three-month maternity leave is the maximum permitted under the Federal Act.

Employee's are eligible to receive payment beginning on the eighth consecutive day of disability. An employee may use any earned sick time. If an employee does not have earned sick time, the insurance carrier will pay up to one-half (1/2) of the weekly salary to a maximum of $170 per week.

New York State Law requires the pregnant employee and treating physician to complete NYS Form DB-450. Failure to return this DB-450 Form will result in non-payment.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

All Iona College employees are covered by New York State Worker's Compensation Law for injury or illness from the job. You may be eligible for payment of lost wages and medical bills under the law. Employees are responsible for immediately reporting an injury or illness to their department head.

For questions, please contact the Office for Human Resources at (914) 633-2496.