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Short- & Long-Term Disability

Short Term Disability Insurance

Every Iona University employee is covered by New York State Disability Insurance. You are eligible to make a claim for short term disability benefits if you have been out of work because of an off-the-job illness or injury for seven (7) or more consecutive days. New York State law requires the disabled employee and treating physician to complete NYS Form DB-450. Failure to return this DB-450 Form will result in non-payment. You are entitled to 50% of your weekly average wages up to a maximum of $170 per week. Additional details may be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Department.

To supplement New York State Disability Insurance, Iona University offers staff employees the opportunity to purchase additional coverage through AFLAC. AFLAC's Short Term Disability gives you the ability to protect your income in the short term, up to 6 months. Most disabilities statistically are resolved within 12 months. AFLAC policies are portable, and the price never changes through age 70. Maternity coverage is available.

Please contact for more information.

Long Term Disability Insurance

All full-time employees are eligible at no cost to enroll in the Long Term Disability group insurance plan after one (1) year of full-time employment. After six (6) months of illness you are entitled to apply for Long Term Disability benefits.

Contact the Human Resources Department for additional information.

The University reserves the right to amend the right to modify or amend this plan, charge employees for this coverage if needed in the future and/or terminate the plan.

For questions, please contact the Office for Human Resources at (914) 633-2496.